The Truth about Adam Lambert's Snorkel

First, let me say — I didn’t see it.  I didn’t see Adam Lambert’s act.  I frequently miss out on things like this since I abandoned award shows long ago because I find them to be meaningless and misguided.  Rather than risk having my own Kanye West moment, I just tune into the Discovery Channel and catch up on Dateline reruns.  So, I learned a day late that Adam Lambert titillated the crowd with some pseudo-sexual choreography.  Let’s, for a moment, set aside the fact that this type of show has already been done, done again and then done to death.  My question is this — why are artists so resistant to toning down their acts for primetime T.V?  I mean really, is Lambert REALLY going to attempt to the artists high road here?  Dude, c’mon!!  Who are these people?  This isn’t about artistry.  This is his job.  If he was an accountant, his choreography would be considered grounds for disciplinary action.  Puh-lease!!  The only reason this guy needed to do such provocative choreography is because without it, nobody can really tell the difference between him and Hannah Montana.  Well, he’s wrong!  The slutty, E’d up, stripper dance actually makes them harder to tell apart.


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