All Hail the King of the The Two Americas

There are few moments in my life that have affected me as much as the moment Barack Obama became President.  I was moved and inspired by the notion that we, as Americans, had finally transcended the racial boundaries that have long kept us divided in two separate countries within our own borders.  My elation would be short-lived.

Ten months later, we are once again two separate Americas albeit factionalized along new boundaries, loosely defined by race but not entirely.  One America rampantly tears down the President and assigns him personal responsibility for everything that has been, is and ever will be wrong in the world.  While another America worships him and vociferously disavows any citizen who might remotely suggest that Obama’s presidency may not, in fact, be the Second Advent of the Messiah.

And so it is that these two Americas creep ominously toward a new civil war of sorts.  This time around the battlegrounds won’t be geographic landmarks.  No, the battles of our new civil war will tout the names of the political gridlocks that threaten to not only dismantle the presidency of Barack Obama but to bring down the most prolific superpower the world has ever known.

The condition of our country in January 2009 had many parallels to the condition of our country in January 1861 – one month before the start of our first Civil War.  Both Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama faced the challenge of ensuring the truth in the name of this great nation:  The UNITED States of America.  But for now, our Barack Obama presides over two separate countries – one that hates him irrationally and another that loves him the same way.  Both are equally dangerous to his administration and to our country as a whole.


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