How Do You Keep the Music Playing?

Happy New Year!!  Welcome 2010!

At the end of each year, we become obsessed with the concept of new beginnings.  Every year is going to be the year that we totally rock out and find that new mate, or finally get them badass kids in line, or get that promotion at work, or invent something geeky.  Whatever it is, at no time in our lives is it more possible, more tangible than it is on January 1.

It’s a sweet feeling, really.  The skilled have found a way to make it last past that first day but for the rest of us regular Joe’s by January 2, our very lives are a stark reminder that we married that shiftless loser, the kids now completely run the house, security guards don’t get promoted and call waiting was and remains the last great technological invention available to mankind.

So now what?  Here’s what…get the hell away from the concept of the new year.  While we operate our lives in one year chunks, each DAY we fall more and more into the abyss of mediocrity.  Each day, we miss the opportunity to have a fresh start, to get up and try again.  So today, let’s enjoy all of the potential that our lives hold as we eat some Hoppin’ John and watch the football games with friends and family.  But tomorrow, instead of sinking back into the reality of what our lives really are…celebrate New Day’s Day.  That’s how God gives it to us.

Peace, party people!


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