Just listened to the President’s address regarding the failings of the intelligence community as it relates to the Christmas Day attempted bombing of the flight headed to Detroit.  Two things became abundantly clear:

  1. The President can’t be no damn Muslim if he can’t pronounce the terrorist’s name.  Did you hear that man trip and stumble over the pronunciation?  He sounded like George W. Bush trying to read a Dr. Seuss book – a big, hot mess.
  2. While the President is rightly very angry with the failings of the intelligence community, the folks at the top still have NOT gotten the message that the road we’re traveling down does not lead to more security for the American people anymore than it leads to peaceful reconciliation with our radical fundamentalist brothers and sisters of the terroristic faith.  In other words, we’re not safer…we just look dumber.

I get that we want to be proactive.  We want to utilize intelligence to learn about high risk areas and people and then adopt processes designed to safeguard American interests against these known risks.  See, I can sound like a dumbass, too! (And I frequently do!) But the reality is terrorism, at it’s core, is about desperation, not just ideals.  You can find ways to identify the terrorists and try to destroy their ideals but they’ll just recruit more.  If you really want to curb terrorism, stop the desperation.  Suicide bombers are more easily recruited when they’re hungry and the terrorists are convincing them it’s our fault.  A hungry man will do anything to eat; a hungry mother anything to feed her children.  Although there are exceptions, desperation is an important tool of our enemy.

So, the more we ravage these countries, the more we kill these people…the more desperate they become.  And the more we are at risk.  I hope that while the President and his teams are looking strategically at this problem this week, they will consider ways to destroy the radicals but rebuild the people.


2 thoughts on “Counterintelligence?

  1. Have Haliburton & DOD train the locals instead of farming out the jobs. You could pay a less expensive wage, and it is hard to be mad when your pushing a Benz… Just saying people, in general, don’t blow up something at night…that they spent all day making…

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