Double your pleasure, double your fun!

eHarmony has just settled a lawsuit by agreeing to provide gay/lesbian matches to folks who indicate such preference in their profiles.   So, these rainbow matches would be provided on an eHarmony website seperate from the original “hetero” eHarmony website.  Now, each love seeker would indicate a preference (homo, hetero) and pay to access ONE of the sites.  To the average user, there would really be no change at all.  But wait!  In addition to homo and hetero, those seeking love would be able to select “bisexual” as a preference.  The kicker?  Bisexuals would be able to access both of the sites…for the same one fee!!  Wait!  That more than doubles their odds for success!  In order to experience the best chance of finding love on eHarmony, one should consider converting to the middle team, the either/or guys, the bisexuals!  Far cry from your evangelical Christian roots, eHarmony!  But whatevs…..SMDH!


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