You’re Still A Racist…Even If Your Lawn Jockey Is Black

Why is it that some white folks seem to think the highest compliment you can pay a black person is to separate him somehow from his blackness?  The answer to that question is racism.

Chris Matthews, who is supposed to know better, said after hearing the State of the Union address that Obama had done so much to heal the racial divide that “I forgot that he was Black for an hour…”  My question is, prior to the SOTU, did Chris Matthews think about Obama being black every time he saw him outside of that hour?  That seems kind of obsessive.  Also, how are you looking at this Black man and not seeing that he’s Black.  Why does Matthews get the privilege of single-handedly wiping out a part of Obama’s identity?

Unbelievable!!  How can folks, white or otherwise, still be so unclear about what racism is?  Especially the liberal ones.  This is why I will take a hog-tying, hood-wearing, friend-shooting redneck Republican anyday over a liberal that believes he “doesn’t have a racist bone in his body because his best friend is black or his college roommate is black or he loves talking to the janitor at work.”  I’d rather know where I stand with someone.  I don’t want to be at some liberal’s backyard BBQ and BAM! get slapped with the plate of fried chicken that they made just for me (while everyone else is served grilled steaks) or watch them make a public spectacle of ensuring me the seat near the watermelon. I want someone to let me know straight up that after they roast the pig on the spit…well, I’m next.  I can’t fight so I’ll need 10-sec head start to outrun ’em.

White people, please understand.  Being black is not an indictment or a handicap.  The overwhelming majority of black people enjoy being black people.  Or at the very least, don’t dislike it.  We don’t want you be “colorblind” or “not see color.”  What we want (drum roll)….is to be allowed to be black without having any value judgement, good or bad, attached to that at all.  Period.  Work on that. K?


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