Just Another Dickhead

May I ask what the problem is with John Mayer saying his penis is a white supremacist? Are we filled with such righteous indignation that we feel it our inalienable right to be accepted and treated fairly by one white man’s penis? Listen, I gotta tell ya’ – if there is one thing that John Mayer’s dick has in common with David Duke, it’s that I’d like them both to stay far the hell away from me. (Well, I guess they’re both white so that’s two things in common but whatevs)

I, for one, don’t have a problem with white folk that don’t like or are not attracted to black folk. Really, if we tell the truth, there are plenty of black folks that don’t like or are not attracted to black folk…the NFL, the NBA and that one black guy who plays professional hockey. We’ll not mention the sex-addicted Caublasian golfer. He’s getting help and I don’t mess with folks who are seeking help. But I digress – truth be told, white folks like at least one black guy.  They voted for Barack Obama, didn’t they?  Now, if a gang of voting white folks are not exercising their power to oppress folks on the basis of race then clearly I’m not worried about one banjo-strumming cousin humper who got turned out by Jessica Simpson.

I’m done trying to get powerless white folks to love us. Now, if the white folks in power put their dicks off-limits, then we can talk. But John Mayer? Please!


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