And You Thought White Flight Could Clear a Neighborhood…

 The Economist Intelligence Unit published it’s list of most and least liveable cities in the world.  Now, I ain’t tryna start no mess and I hate that I have to say this…but why are the most liveable cities lily white while the least liveable cities are filled to the brim with black and brown people.

In my mind, there can be only two reasons.  Either 1) black folks have really low standards or 2) The EIU don’t find black folk to be liveable…next to, that is.  Whichever it is, I’m recommending that EIU go back to re-evaluate how it defines the word “liveable.”  Of the Top 10 Liveable Cities, eight have serious problems with hate crimes against visible minorities (some have no discernable hate crime legislation that I can find using BING, not Yahoo!  and everyone knows Bing is like a formal law library)  So, if you’re not white than I guess the term liveable depends on whether you’re willing to, well, not live.


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