Concern For Black Babies *sarcasm*

Lest you go down the wrong path of thinking this post is about abortion, let me state up front — this post is about vocabulary. For instance, I had no idea that “endangered” was a synonym for “ubiquitous.”

I don’t know where the creator of this billboard has been hanging out…but one thing this world does NOT have is a dearth of little black kids. Don’t believe me? Try going to Walmart, or a church service, or a restaurant, or a movie theater or…let’s be real, try going HOME! I’m sure you’ve got some black kids there, may not be yours but they’re there. Now, maybe they don’t have any of these establishments in Georgia. I don’t know but quite frankly, I’ve seen enough black kids in Georgia to be hard pressed to believe that the midnight train was going TO Georgia. I believe that midnight train was sneakin’ out.

Now don’t get me wrong, Kymmie Kym loves the kids. AND I still prefer black kids over the more er, “liberal” kids who have the tendency to cuss out and kill their parents. You know the ones I’m talking about. At least, black kids (and Korean kids for that matter) are still scared of their parents. My nieces and nephews may have been little buttholes at times but they always knew how to stop just short of endangering their own lives which may sound like, but is still dissimilar to, “endanger-ED.” But I can certainly see the confusion.

So that you know that my goal is also to inform not just to opine, google the conspiracy of Planned Parenthood and how it’s accused of attempting population control in non-white communities. Don’t know how true it is, you be the judge.


6 thoughts on “Concern For Black Babies *sarcasm*

  1. the comedy of all of this is, according to their statistics…lil white kids are the ones shrinking in number….this is what i call psychological forecasting at it’s best or worst….cuz i know for a fact in my fam at least that aint true…damn lil cousins…..

  2. at the rate these kids are having kids I refuse to believe babies are endangered anything black or white for that matter. just watch an episode of Maury, the well will never run dry of two things, sluts and their offspring. you are NOT the father echos in the ears of blacks just as much as whites much to their chagrin.

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