Do I see a MasterCard commercial in my future?

Learning to be a doctor: $250,000

Fees which you admit you caused by defaulting on payments that you repeatedly deferred until you felt like paying: another $250,000

Asking to be bailed out of your piss poor financial decision making by taxpayers who are “OUT OF EFFIN’ MONEY, HO!!” (since your ass didn’t get the memo!) even though your lifetime earning potential will be in the top 1% far exceeding the average, tradeschool American who worked full time while going to school but will still have to pay for the rocky-ass bed YOU made and who you will eventually refuse to treat because they can’t pay for unreformed health insurance: PRICELESS!

Clearly, this kind of foolishness does NOT come in brown…or yellow…or red…or black…or any combination thereof.


2 thoughts on “Do I see a MasterCard commercial in my future?

  1. When you defer a loan, are you in default? I didn’t think there were fees or penalties associated with student loan deferment (just interest). My big question is: if there is a program to bailout of student loans, please tell me how to find it!!!

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