That’s Mighty White of You!

Here we go again…coincidentally, the 10 Happiest States have the smallest minority populations, except for Alaska. Yes, that’s right Alaska — one of the slaves ships got sidetracked during the Middle Passage. This is where Shani Davis is from. Know your black history, people!

Just kidding, people – clearly I’m referring to our fellow Americans – the Inuits. [Formerly called Eskimos. Did y’all know that term is derogatory? Thanks for the education, DK]

Anyway, I’m not sure WHO they claim to have interviewed but they sho’ nuff didn’t interview me!! I don’t think I would be happy in these states at all…but that’s just because of my silly tendency to avoid swinging from trees. Oh, you thought they only lynched in the South?

Strangefruit grows all over this country, people!! Indeed some folks are trying to generate a big harvest this year…starting with the fruit at the top of the tree, our President aka My Boo.


8 thoughts on “That’s Mighty White of You!

  1. I posted this last summer, but did you know according to the U.S. Census that people from North African and Middle Eastern descent are consisdered “White”. Soooo, that means that Osama Bin Laden is a white dude! Who knew? So does that mean that the TSA will start profiling the “other” white people? I’m guessing that would be a NO. Because their is a different between Jim Bob Duggar and Mohammed Hussein, Jim Bob is the “other” white meat.

  2. Dan is pretty accurate, but have a little insight from my time in PALIN COUNTRY. The correct term would be Native American, just like their brethren in the lower 48. The Inuits are jus one of many tribes northern indigenious people, and referring to all of them as Inuits would be akin to calling all NA’s Cherokee or Shawnee or….but his point was that the original term used was offensive and that is on point. I will refrain for sharing the actual slur that is apples to apples with the “N” bomb…

    • It’s crazy what we don’t know about our fellow Americans. I’m feeling convicted about not being more sensitive because these folks are related to my “kimchi” side. How they are being identified to the kids in schools today?

  3. Is Native “American” really a correct term? It is less offensive but everytime we refer to the original people of this country by referring to them as “Native American” is that like rubbing salt in a wound?I’m just asking?

    • I love this question, MakinsBeans. My strong preference is to ask folks to self-identify. For instance, I really, really do NOT like being called an African-American because it does not necessarily identify me as Black and it disconnects me other black folks throughout the diaspora. I do go with the flow though cuz blacks in America seem to prefer it.

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