Usher in a New Day in Congress!

The President and key members of his administration will be touring the country this week to visit American cities where the stimulus programs are hard at work. Look, I’m not a fan of the stimulus package. I don’t think it was at all the right thing to do for our economy. But I admire a leader who has a plan and the strength to implement that plan in the face of extreme adversity. He can count on my support. (And, quite frankly, my undying love)

There’s been much criticism of the President’s approach. And at the end of the day, each proposal (hunh? what? No other proposals? No way? Surely the haters offered alternatives!) has its merits as well as its challenges. In other words, there will always be someone who can find something wrong with the chosen path. We can’t listen to that fakakte!

Seems like Congress, particularly the Dems, would rather be right than be relieved – grown ass men and women throwing tantrums on the floor of the House and Senate as if it were the floor of Walmart. Then, stomping their way to the exit when they can’t have their way. I say, let them go – good riddance! Let’s replace all these people who don’t have the stomach for the legislative fight with courageous men and women – independent thinkers – who are dedicated to serve this country…even when it’s haa-aard (that was my 4-year old newphew’s whiney voice)

Hey, sounds like we could be talking about the men and women of the armed forces! Maybe put some Navy seals and Marines in there…some Green Berets, some Special Forces…these are folks who know how to stick it out and win. Or, beat you to a bloody death. Either way, the strongest plan comes out on top.


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