Best In Show but PETA Says “No!”

Dude, I love animals as much as the next guy but it can be difficult, at first glance, to understand some of the choices that PETA makes e.g. protests like the one yesterday at The Westminster Dog Show (click here to see the article.)

Rather than usefully bustin’ up some dogfighting ring, PETA was pulling off this seemingly vapid stunt at the dog show. Are the PETA folks crazy? Crazy like a fox, I say!

In PETA’s defense, there were pictures circulated of rampant psychological abuse of helpless dogs and even torture the likes of which haven’t been seen since Abu Ghraib.

This psychological abuse clearly translates into physical abuse because eventually, like all show biz careers, these dogs will be retired. (Well, maybe not EXACTLY like show biz…if it was, only the bitches would be too old to work but I digress.) The retired dogs are sent to the pound i.e. doggie jail. Can you imagine what the other dogs will do these candy-ass pantywaists when they show up at the pound? C’mon!! These showy, poufy poodles are going to get the crap kicked out of them every day by the other dogs and maybe even a few of the tougher cats…until they’re finally shanked by a crudely crafted knife made of a filed down Milkbone biscuit. Is that what you want?

I, for one, appreciate the selfless sacrifice of PETA. Fighting tirelessly on behalf of animals that might, in some countries, be considered a delicious addition to a sandwich but who still eat better in America than half the world’s population. My hat’s off to you.


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