Open Letter to Sarah Palin

Is Palin really, REALLY in a fight with The Family Guy? (click for article) Enough already, lady!

Dear Sarah:

Your “son” Trig, has Down’s Syndrome and I really feel for that precious, little boy. Not because he has Down’s Syndrome because people with Down’s Syndrome are warm and loving people who do NOT need or ask for our pity. But rather because his fame-seeking family seizes every opportunity to capitalize on his condition. It’s time to stop using that kid as a battering ram to trample the first amendment rights of others and let folks express themselves however they want. Please remember you’re a hockey mom, not America’s mom…and, quite frankly, for me the jury is still out on whether you’re actually Trig’s mom.

If you’re really concerned about his well-being, maybe you should let America get to know who he is as person with an identity outside of his condition. That is, if you even know for yourself. How do you think he’ll feel when he finds out that you bring him up, by name even, every time someone mentions “that word.” You know the one you don’t want anyone, except Rush Limbaugh, to ever say? The one that rhymes with “He farted?”

Your Biggest Fan
(And that’s “fan” in the sense that I’m ’bout to blow wind all in your game…not an admirer.)


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