Black Baby Outlet

Little black children, unlike cotton, are not simply there for the pickin’ – not here and not in Haiti.

Here’s the latest update (click here) on Laura Silsby and the church group from Idaho who were arrested in Haiti for illegally transporting a busload of children to an orphanage in the Dominican Republic.

At first, she told the authorities that all the kids were orphans. But lo and behold, every last one of those kids has living parents. Every…last…one. Now, that’s a fight.

Dude, what makes you think you can just load up a bus and take some kids to a whole different country without proper documentation? Um, excuse me, BLACK KIDS MATTER TOO, DOUCHEBAG!! (since you didn’t get the memo.) Folks, ask yourself…would she have tried this sh*t in Liechtenstein? I vote “No.” Haitian authorities need to throw the book at her…then pick up the book and beat her with it. She can’t be allowed to eff up all these families and walk away unscathed! If they don’t prosecute her, then the U.S authorities must. She’s gonna have to take the “L” on this one. It just can’t be ok for an American, even a crazy one, to go abroad and steal or buy or sell babies. Keep crazy at home.


8 thoughts on “Black Baby Outlet

  1. Yes Kym, she needs to do serious time in Haiti to the point she’s cleaning undies and cooking food for her cell mate “La Fat Chic”

  2. im sure she sees herself as crusader… carrying children trapped in the belly of the nation that managed to entered into allegiance with the devil – carrying them from that nation to the panacea that is dR. Where’s my nickel filled sock? I feeling some kinda way.

  3. What I am most concerned about is if she has done this before. How many other children has she “kidnapped”, black or otherwise, from other families? Uggh it breaks my heart – I can imagine Betty Crocker showing up at my door speaking some funny language and making off with my child.

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