Republicans Rage Against The Machine: What Up Wit’ Dat???

Watching the CPAC coverage this week, I noticed one Republican after another ranting, raving and stomping around like someone stole their slave.

So, I’m curious. What are we so angry about?

Are we mad about the deficit caused by the Dem spending spree? Hmmmm…when Clinton (and you KNOW I’m not a Clinton fan…at all. Why, you ask? Ask Ron Brown) left office in 2001, he left budget surpluses to the new administration. OK, we’ve long held that Clinton’s surpluses were far overstated. I’m inclined to agree…but there sho’ wasn’t a deficit. Cut to Goober W. Bush and his band of scary men, the imaginary surpluses are now huge deficits generated to fund two wars and several really big Texas BBQ’s.

Are we mad about terrorism? The biggest terrorist attack in the history of America happened on our watch. Then, we emptied the national coffers by retaliating against Iraq, the Taliban, and the newly coined propagandist target termed The Axis of Evil. Probably should have saved some of that moxie (and money) for Bin Laden. Remember him? He’s easy to forget because we never mention his name anymore. Last I heard, he was chillin with his homies in the hills of Pakistan with his hand on his sack, smoking hookah and rollin’ bidis. One skinny old man bent us over a very short table, then smacked us on the ass. But good thing Saddam Hussein is dead.

As a political party, we are angry! Just the other day, Mitt Romney AKA Gangsta Boogie (which is a name I USED to reserve for Nancy Pelosi) got into a fight on a plane. Granted, this is DETROIT MITT we’re talking about. He ain’t hardly ’bout to get served in front of his jumpoff. Then, at CPAC, he tried to kick My Boo’s back in. Why’s he mad at My Boo? Clearly this is sour grapes from his failed Presidential bid but may I remind him that it was his OWN folks, WE Republicans, who didn’t vote for him. We messed that up! Barack Obama is President today because Goober W. Bush messed the country up and the Republicans did not have a viable candidate with a strong enough pooper scooper. Well, maybe John McCain. But Obi-Wan Kenobi’s old ass had to go and choose the Nookiee from the North, as a running mate. Bad choice since we were all afraid he only had a couple of hours left to live so we told him “Thanks, but No Thanks on that Ditz from Nowhere.” I would have thought it was a sign of early dementia…except at 113 years old, it was clearly too late for it to be early.

So, I agree with Glenn Beck. Ouch! That was like takin’ a bullet.

My fellow Republicans, we SHOULD be angry! But with ourselves. Barack Obama was the best choice for President in 2008. There was no other alternative. If you don’t like his work, provide a more viable candidate who’s at least half as hot…and then we can talk.

Now, for me – the jury is still out on Ron Paul. I’ll have to update you on that one when I get a better feel for him.

Otherwise, Barack Obama continues to have my vote, my support…and my love.


6 thoughts on “Republicans Rage Against The Machine: What Up Wit’ Dat???

  1. Nookie from the North… Wasilla is 50 miles north of Anchorage and the best thing to come out of that cow town is the freeway!

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