The American Dream Is RESERVED For The Underemployed

Reuters Headline: Nearly 20 percent of U.S. workers underemployed (click here)

I am tired of of misleading, misguided statistics. 4 out of 5 dentists recommend sugarless gum. Two-thirds of American kids are fatties. And 20% of American workers are underemployed.

What what does that even mean? It means there are 30 million Americans at this point who are unemployed OR working part-time while preferring to work fulltime. Economists think this is important because underemployed people spend less money (30% on average) then employed people.

Well, no sh*t, Sherlock! Let me take you even one step further, if your ass is unemployed, you need to be spending less than if you were employed. In what alternate universe should those WITHOUT jobs spend as much as those WITH jobs? If that’s how it works, then eff it! I don’t even want my damn job. You can kiss my ass!!! I’ll be at the mall spending just as much as your workin’ ass!

Folks come here from other countries all the time — underemployed as hell. They move into a one bedroom apartment with all their cousins and co-workers and friends and shit, everybody puts a benny on the bills. They sleep in shifts. They pick fruit, drive bootleg taxi and clean houses. They bring what little money they make home for the collective good until they can afford to pay cash for their first house in a community that Americans have long forsaken. They don’t wear Gucci. They don’t drive Benzes. They ain’t got no damn cable! No, HELL no! They find their clothes in a bin, they ride their sandals to work and they entertain each other with sock puppets and grain alcohol. In other words, they sacrifice for the American Dream. 

Meanwhile back at the foreclosed ranch, Americans are no longer willing to sacrifice.  We leverage. We consume. We refinance.  Then, we bail out.  We’ve become spoiled. When our chips are down, we take surveys and write erudite articles that complain that we have less job than we have lifestyle.  Americans need more employment? Maybe what America needs is less lifestyle.


6 thoughts on “The American Dream Is RESERVED For The Underemployed

  1. I heard this article on the radio today and said the same thing…what the HELL is under-employed. Does that mean the workers at McDonalds (like Calvin) who have greater potential are underemployed?

  2. To me “Underemployed” is someone who had a full time job making a X amount of money and then got laid off and had to take a part-time job, or a job making significantly less.

    I know it may sound easy to just cut your spending in half but it’s not that easy. After 6+ months of being unemployed I am now “underemployed”.

    For me to get back to where I was before being laid off I realized I have certain items that become necessary other than the staples of: food/clothing/shelter. I need a phone for potential employers to contact me. I need internet access. I need to keep up my appearance (nails, hair which can be done myself) you can’t walk into an interview looking a hot ass mess. Some people may need their car ( including insurance, gas, and maintenance) to increase the ability to get and maintain a job. Other than that, I can do without pretty much everything else (cable). The problem is when your expenses increase – credit card companies are routinely increasing interest rate and raising minimum balances. People are trying to stay afloat with all their bills, because default on one credit card can result in default with all your credit accounts (until recently). Additionally, many jobs – even the position as the greeter as Abercrombie & Fitch want to perform a credit check on potential job candidates. If your credit bad, you can lose out on an job opportunity.

    Also, when it comes to shelter, not everyone has the opportunity to move “back home”. I know I don’t, I sure wish I could. I could downsize to a studio and save $200 a month in rent, but it would cost me more money to move at about $2000 for deposits and moving costs.

    Me personally, I’ve learned to become a hustler of economic opportunities during this economy. I’ve worked 2 and 3 jobs and 7 days a week to make ends meet, and I’m still trying to pull the two ends to make them “meet”, but this bitch is uncooperative. The number one thing that I realized is that my efforts alone wouldn’t have saved me – I was blessed. Not to say those who are sinking are damned, but their time of blessings will come. You just have to hold on and keep faith.

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