I Apologize If My Use Of Stereotypes Offended Anyone Yesterday…NOT!!

I got an email yesterday from someone who I know casually.  I’ll call him a “concerned citizen” because he responded better to that than sanctimonious idiot.  In his email, he said that I offended many people with my characterizations of different races and ethnicities in yesterday’s post. He also went on to say that as a gay man, he faced this type of ignorance all the time and that he was surprised I would feed into it since I’m bi-racial.

My response?  “Kiss my bad-tipping, finger snapping, neck rolling, not letting you merge in traffic, naming my kid Shaquita, chinky eyed, buck-tooth smiling, nodding and bowing, dog eating, shoot you if steal from my store ASS!!!”

Did I forget anything?

I’m done, folks!  We’ve become so politically correct that we would rather lie or pretend than acknowledge an obvious basis in truth.  How have we become so ashamed of the things that make us culturally unique? Is our goal to be a completely monolithic society of slightly beige people with no cultural or ethnic distinction?  And what’s this nonsense about only the folks within a group are allowed to identify stereotypes about the group?  Is the “n-word” making us crazy?

Listen, I’m not advocating being offensive. There are boundaries.  My rule of thumb?  If a stereotype has been used to oppress a people — then we need to squash it.  The cowboys and Indians stereotype?  Not cool.  Why? It’s a propaganda tool perpetrated by the US and Canada to justify the genocide of the indigenous peoples of North America.  But pointing out that the line of Jewish men trying out for the football team is not going wrap around the block?  Funny. Why?  Because I’m certain it’s not true.  I’m sure quite a few Jewish men try out for the football team.  They just don’t make it.  We have got to learn to laugh at this nonsense or we run the risk of giving it wings.

Folks, we have to embrace all things about our culture: good or bad.  There’s no group that is without negative stereotypes (except, quite possibly, the Latvians) but we can learn to laugh about these things rather than use them as weapons to beat each other into shameful submission.  In spite of our differences, what binds us together is the commonality of our humanity.

When my halmonie ( Korean for grandmother) came to this country, she didn’t speak a lick of English.  There was an old man who lived across the street from her.  He never spoke at all.  Although they couldn’t communicate, on sunny days, they used to meet and sit under the tree in his yard for hours at a time, never speaking.  What can we learn from these two people, who’s lives totaled 150 years, from vastly different backgrounds that transcended their differences to find a common ground?  That’s right!  Old people are bat-shit crazy.  See?  Yet ANOTHER stereotype – proven to be true.


13 thoughts on “I Apologize If My Use Of Stereotypes Offended Anyone Yesterday…NOT!!

  1. You eat dogs…OH SHAT….you are soooooo dis-invited to my house when I get another dog…as a matter of fact….I heard youse people eat cats as well….no serving of ribs/collards/grape drink/ sweet potatoe pie for you at my house 🙂

    Seriously, by the tone of your writing, most of us can see that you are not being serious and your friends list shows people of all races.

    The story about your grandmom and her neighbor, that melts my cold heart 😛

  2. Thank you for NOT apologizing. I wonder if your “friend” is offended by the stereotype that all gay dudes dress nice? Anyone that reads you even on an occasional basis should already know that you come with tongue firmly in cheek. The “Get Over Yourself” award goes to…….that guy. I happen to agree about yesterdays post EXCEPT I still don’t know how on Earth you said “about 15 minutes late”. Do you mean 15 minutes later than the hour “fashionably” later than the scheduled arrival time?

  3. whats cool is that I know you wrote this squattin in a corner eating a bowl of rice and kimchi with an afro pick in the shape of a fist stuck and I do mean stuck in your hair LMBAO………

  4. Don’t sterotypes have a dose of truth in them. Black folks LOVE chicken…yup we do, so why should I be ashamed because I eat chicken…and watermelon, and ribs. Can’t tell me nothing about some watermelon. But I can’t dance, nor can I run fast…..so go figure.

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