So Much For The Friendly Skies…

I thought I was done blogging today but then I saw this: (click here)

Now, I wasn’t even gonna justify this stupidity with a post, but I can’t even move on with my Saturday until we talk about this foolishness.

First, I’ma get it out the way and say, “I hope these two broads ain’t black.”  I know we had some fun talking about stereotypes over the last couple of days but COME ON!!  Enough is enough! It’s bad enough that the chick who “seen’t the whole thing” is gonna be black.  Haven’t my people suffered enough? 

Next, who ARE these people?  Don’t we have any professional decorum these days? Ain’t it bad enough that I gotta worry about the psycho who carried on the extra large backpack  and anatomically congruent pipe bomb in Row 14?  Don’t I have enough on my mind trying to figure out how I’m going to raise the money to pay the exorbitant bag check fees for the return flight?  Now, I gotta worry about these two high altitude babes going at it, knocking over drink carts and blocking the emergency exit row with their rambunctious fisticuffs? 

And is there anyone, ANYONE in the free world, who does NOT believe these chicks are fighting over Tiger Woods?



8 thoughts on “So Much For The Friendly Skies…

  1. First let me add these women could not have been black, for the article indicated it was a verbal altercation. If the women were black the article would have read…a physical altercation. Just thought I would add my two cents for the stereo typing while I was at it. Further more, of what magnitude was the altercation to stop a plane from taking off!! Did these women have guns or knives? Oh yeah, while we’re at it..where was security? To me, it sounds like poor judgement call from a management level.

    • I was asking myself the same damn thing! What the hell kinda argument turns a plane around? and if I was on that plane and the captain told me we were turning around for such a stupid reason…there woulda been three women fighting on that plane!

  2. Total obfuscation…

    Passenger becomes ill, plane returns to gate..

    Pilots to stewardesses “Look, none of us really feels like heading to Atlanta today.. Could you two create a diversion? We’ll blame it on the sick guy..”

  3. BTW, mentioned this on-air…no lie, but the first question – “were they black?”, then I used Marti’s explanation.

    Don’t worry, everyone got credit for their contributions!!


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