It’s Time To Let It Go…Let’s Retire The Word “Orenthal”


Can someone PUH-LEASE tell me why this negro is still considered newsworthy.  And not even the man, but the damn suit the man wore in 1995.  You wanna tell me stuff ’bout O.J.?  Tell me how he’s making out in gen pop.  Sh*t, tell me IF he’s making out in gen pop – particularly on the first date.  But don’t tie me up talking about no damn suit!


The Smithsonian announced today that it does NOT want the suit that O.J. had on when the Not Guilty verdict was read by the jury. (click here)  Ewwww, dat’s NAAAAASTY!!!  Can you blame them? Come on, can you IMAGINE what was going on inside that suit waiting for the jury to come in and read the verdict. I imagine a tad bit of every single bodily function — some just downright ungodly.  Look, I have a dog, Mattie…when she’s feeling da heat, when the stakes are really high…that bitch pee’s a little. And ain’t nobody tryna incarcerate HER ass. So, you can imagine what O.J. was doing up under that heavy, worsted wool.

But not only that, I’d like to believe that the people at the Smithsonian ain’t completely crazy.  Y’all saw how O.J. do when he thinks someone messin’ with his stuff?  Ex-wife, sports memorabilia, don’t matter…he ain’t playing.  The last coupla people that tried to get some O.J. “memorabilia” got some of O.J. to remember alright.  Matter of fact, isn’t Orenthal French for “leave all my sh*t alone?”

Score one for the Smithsonian — y’all might dumb but ya ain’t stupid, O.J.’s gettin’ out eventually.


2 thoughts on “It’s Time To Let It Go…Let’s Retire The Word “Orenthal”

  1. I don’t know what it was but when the O.J. trial was going on and the verdict was read I was one the young black men excited that he got off. Now, that I am older I am embrassed that I even supported a murderer. I am glad that he is now serving time even though it it is not for murdering two innocent people and I am happy the Smithsonian knows better.

    • I remember thinking in my young mind, “One murderer going free is fair game for all the innocent and “over-incarcerated” brotha wasting away in jail, robbed of the right to vote.” but like you, I matured and came to understand that injustice is injustice and hurts us all. Plus, I straighten my hair now so I had to let go of that pick with the fist on the end.

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