My Country ‘Tis Of Thee, Sweet Land Where Entitlement Is Free…Kinda

Not since the Hyde Amendment was resolved by Congress has this country had meaningful dialogue about abortion. Rational, clear-minded people avoid this topic and so the extremists on both sides have devolved this important issue into something that resembles an episode of Real Housewives…and I mean the one in Atlanta. You know…the one with NeNe. Whenever extremists get involved in any debate, the only thing we can agree to do is disagree. There will be no common ground. This refusal to negotiate is precisely the reason that I hate extremists and believe they should all be killed or exiled to Detroit until such time as they understand how our Founding Fathers intended dissent to be used. Our forefathers used dissent as a means to drive out the best idea; to further the American agenda of democracy not to cripple the band of idiots in charge of lawmaking. Of course, these are the same forefathers that tied Kunta Kinte to that tree until he said Toby so let’s not completely rely on their critical thinking skills.

Somebody get My Boo on the line. I need to tell him that running from the abortion conversation is gonna be his downfall on this healthcare issue. It’s not his fault, we’ve been running from it for 40 years. But he promised us change and one change that I’d like to see is meaningful dialogue around abortion. So, I’ll kick it off.

Roe v. Wade made abortion legal for any reason at all as long as the fetus was not able to sustain life, through natural or artificial means, outside of the mother’s body. Now, the daddy ain’t got no rights but he’s not gonna stick around anyway so let’s just focus on chicks in this convo. The Hyde Amendment later blocked the use of federal funds to pay for abortion except in the special circumstance of rape, incest or health issues. I’ll personally classify those special circumstances as NEED. That’s the way it’s been for almost 40 years.

This is a good compromise. Abortions are legal for those who need it or who choose it voluntarily. But federal funding is available only for those who need the abortion, not those who choose it absent of need. Cut to 2009 and the healthcare debate, the abortion issue is dividing an already fractured Democratic voting base between the pro-choice Dems and the Dems who believe our country’s current regulations around abortion are sufficient and should be restated as-is in any proposed legislation. I’d like to tell you, in my own special way, how I feel about this issues but I’m shy…siiiike!

Voluntary abortions are not a matter of health and should be removed from the national discussion on healthcare reform. We’ve not been able to remove this distraction because pro-life Dems are concerned that any legislation blocking the funding of any abortion unfairly targets low-income women. That’s dumb. I am opposed to the funding of abortions that are not need based. You want it, you pay for it. I’m not interested in unfairly targeting low-income women but neither am I interested in unfairly entitling them. Just because a doctor performs a procedure, does not automatically make it a matter of health. Fake tits are great, but they are a purely cosmetic procedure in most instances, not designed to improve or maintain the condition of a woman’s health. I don’t know for sure, but I feel confident that Aetna would tell ya’ to go suck it when you submit your claim. In that same vein, voluntary abortions are not designed to improve or maintain the condition of woman’s health. In fact, one could argue that, while generally considered safe, there are risks and side effects with abortions that may indeed erode a woman’s overall health status, particulary in multiple occurences. Tell me again why I gotta pay for something you even don’t need, that may create more health problems that I also gotta pay for? Damn, pro-choicers, I must be turning you on because you keep tryna screw me!

If that didn’t convince ya’, there are some “grown ass woman” options that are considered by most to be responsible and preventative measures – i.e. if you like it, then ya shoulda put a hood on it. Contraception is widely available and covered by most insurance plans even the federally funded ones. Although not a guarantee, you can pull the odds in your favor. Our inclination to get all Amy Winehouse with it and take the bartender home is by no means a constitutionally protected right. Now, whatever you can afford to do is between you and your God but there are so many ways to protect yourself, asking ME to pay for your unplanned pregnancy is really gonna hock me off. Particularly since you could have paid for the morning after pill three times over with what you paid for those drinks and that minty little hit of E. Four times, if you add in the “special ointment” that you’re going to need next week.

So for me, as a taxpayer, the opening negotiating point is the distinction between voluntary and necessary abortion. I’m all for paying for necessary abortions with federal dollars because I believe that all Americans are entitled to a minimal level of healthcare and any quality of life improvements that minimally good health brings just like we are all entitled to a minimum level of education. I know that’s might liberal of me. Can’t a sistah have a flaw every now and again?


6 thoughts on “My Country ‘Tis Of Thee, Sweet Land Where Entitlement Is Free…Kinda

    • I see your point. We already know that the GOP are pro-life. My focus is on the Dems that are holding up healthcare reform and kickin’ their boy’s (and My Boo’s) back in. They ’bout to make me take my earrings off!

  1. LOL @ a prochoice Republican. I see your point Kym. Although I think a problem exist when their are private healthcare companies that fully cover erectile dysfunction drugs but only partially cover birth control. Where is the logic? And I seriously doubt they cover the “Plan B” morning after pill.

    The bottom line remains that we need reform and universal health care NOW. They enact something now and fix it later, but people are dying while we wait. As far as the cost is concerned…….what does cost matter when people are sick and don’t have coverage.

    • MakinsBeans, there was a just a new report from the CBO that our debt could exceed 10 trillion dollars under Obama’s budget. Half of that is interest rates alone. I say we lean on the lawmakers to save lives AND manage the costs by ensuring that insurance companies and service providers are adequately reformed and regulated.

  2. The 10 Trillion dollars is based on current healthcare cost that are projected to rise. The healthcare reform bill should also include remedies to quell the rise of healthcare cost aka harging patients $50 for 1 Tylenol pill when they can buy a bottle of 30 pills at Walmart for $3.00.

    Their should be common sense threshold torts laws for medical malpractice and doctors who make one too many mistakes hosuld have their license to practiced pulled. This will immediately cut down on malpractice lawsuits and the cost of insurance. They should also make sure that quack doctors who get their license revoked in one state can’t travel to another state to practice. If they enact some of the measure now they can but a serious dent in that 10 Trillion.

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