Why I Blog…And Other Musings By Someone Who Just NEEDS To Get Her Ass Back To Work!

Writing this blog has been a total learning experience.  Well, not really writing the blog…reading the feedback is more like it.

I am the first to admit, I gotta lotta dumb stuff to say.  Not worth a damn thing.  If you had this post and some cheap toilet paper, all you’d really have is a handful of sh*t.  That’s all.

But my opinions, though sometimes embellished and always tongue-in-cheek, always reflect my heart for the most part.  This is me, bare-naked, warts and all.  (Damn! Can somebody get this bitch a Snuggie or something?)

I come from a lifetime of having to suppress feelings and opinions.  From being seen but not heard as a child to towing the company line in corporate America, the one sure thing that I’ve learned in my life is that speaking freely has consequences.

The reason that speaking freely is so harmful to us- and I’ve said this many times before – is because we continue to struggle with understanding that what we believe has no bearing on the truth.  We have to let go of the notion that simply believing something is enough to make that thing right.  And someone else wrong if they don’t agree.  It’s killing us, man.  It’s flying planes into our buildings, it’s chopping villagers up with machetes, it’s shooting up our schools. 

What I believe is what I believe.  It’s not right or wrong.  Neither is what you believe. 

It is my best hope that folks will read this blog…with my stupid, useless opinion…think that I’m the world’s biggest idiot…but still meet me for Happy Hour.  Not only because it proves that we can find common ground between our differences but also because I am a raging alcoholic and will drink with just about anyone who walks upright and looks reasonably clean.


6 thoughts on “Why I Blog…And Other Musings By Someone Who Just NEEDS To Get Her Ass Back To Work!

  1. This is true– she even met up with me once……come to think of it, it was only once….I shower a least once a day, I usually can stand and walk upright–hmmmmmmmmmmmm

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