American Healthcare Reform – Sponsored By The Huxtables

He’s My Boo and I love him…but the millionaire tax in the healthcare bill does indeed taste a little bit like socialism.

The hard, ugly truth that we’ve generally accepted is that life just plain costs more for poor people than for wealthy people. Do you think James and Florida Evans were buying Gordon Gartrelles for J.J’s skinny ass?  In addition to spending a smaller percentage of their money on the basics items we all need – food, shelter, Fendi – the wealthy have access to all kinds of extra sh*t – yachts, yak, yellow diamonds. On some level, the rest of us have just accepted that we ain’t entitled to trust funds, red-bottom shoes and Bentley convertibles no matter what Real Housewives will tell ya’.  Ain’t no government bailout or intervention required when Brad and Angelina buy multi-million dollar mansions and little yellow babies (ok, well, maybe somebody should have intervened with all them damn babies.)  We’d never dream of taking a Hamptons summer home from Donald Trump and giving it to Joe the Plumber so that they could both have access to higher quality real estate. Why? Because it’s not fair to take something that belongs to someone fair and square and give it to someone else.  Don’t believe me?  Ask any four year old.

Yet for some reason, the band of merry Dems at the top would have us believe that robbing from the rich to give to the poor is a sufficient way to ensure healthcare is available to all Americans vis a vis The Millionaire Tax. Now, clearly I’m no tax expert – the only thing I know about taxes is that doublin’ them on your bar tab is how you figure out the tip – but the Robin Hood approach hardly seems sufficient given that today only 400,000 Americans would even qualify to pay the tax.  And these 400K, who would give up as much as 55% of their income under the new tax, are already included in the top one fifth of American citizens that pay almost 70% of federal expenditures for the remaining Americans.  Forget that damn striped top hat, somebody betta get Uncle Sam a challis and some hoecakes…

Now, I know making a million dollars can be hard to relate to especially in these tough economic times. It’s kinda hard to feel sorry for someone who ain’t recycling paper towels and watering down the Kool Aid to make ends meet.  But for the record, most of the 400K “millionaires” in this country are small business owners.  The million dollars that they are showing on paper is actually a million dollars of revenues that they need to return to their business in order to operate, not personal income.  So, if taxing them 55% and letting them have the rest to try to grow their business seems like a sufficient, sustainable way to pay for healthcare reform, then I’d say we have a lot to learn about how these small businesses contribute to our economy as a whole by creating jobs that in turn drive consumption and provide cash for savings and investment.  These folks are really going to take a hit.


Because the real millionaires?  They ain’t paying sh*t.  The real millionaires – Wall Street bankers, malpractice lawyers, CEO’s of companies with declining stock values, the Executive Director of the Boys and Girls Clubs of America (y’all know his ass is wrong!) lobbyists, A-list celebs – can pay folks to hide their dough from Uncle Sam.  We ain’t gettin’ nothing out of them bailed out bastards.  All this burden gets placed on some overly entrepreneurial middle class folk – as usual.

So, in the end, it looks like we are once again penalizing the hard working folks who are giving everything they have to get ahead in hopes of one day achieving the American dream of avoiding taxes of their own.  Now as for me?  I like the new model.  Seems to me the Dems are incentivizing us to work less since there’s is a threshold under $1 million dollars that will allow you to keep more of your money and be richer than the folks that make more than you.  Only in America, people…only in America.


4 thoughts on “American Healthcare Reform – Sponsored By The Huxtables

  1. Can’t argue with you on this one. Healthcare reform is needed but we could all sacrifice in some way to pay for it. I suggest a soda tax and Mc Donald’s tax. lol…. Just kidding.

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