Attention, Wal-mart Shoppers — Elvis Ain’t The Only One Who Needs To Leave The Building!

If there’s anyone on earth who deserves sympathy, it’s my dad. 

He’s spent the better part of his life surrounded by chicks.  Wife, daughters, grandaughters, great grandaughter…even the dog was a girl.  To makes matters worse, we ain’t exactly no regular chicks.  No, sir.  We are an uber-chatty people.  I’m sure you figured out by now, I talk alot and pretty much about nothing in general.  Now, multiply that by seven while running all ten of your nails down a chalkboard, add the Cha Cha Slide and balance the whole thing on some mood swings.  Throw in a couple hundred crying jags and scratchfights, and this, in a nutshell, is my dad’s life.

Now during that 40 plus year melee, my dad hadda knock on each of our foreheads a couple thousand times apiece.  But every once in a while, one of us would undoubtedly do or say something to piss my dad off so bad, he would tell the whole lot of us to get gone, be gone and stay gone.

It is in this context, that I’m not immediately concerned when the announcer at the New Jersey Wal-mart asked every black person in within range of the loudspeaker to drop everything and leave the premises.  (click here)

But it does beg the question — what the HELL did one hafta do to hock somebody’s craw that bad, that they resort to ethnically cleansing every-black-one and their mama out the…uh,hello?  Wal-mart??? 

And how do we use this power for good instead of evil?

I mean, I think we’ve seen people try to leverage this kind of idea before.  In Los Angeles, we had a Day Without Mexicans.  The idea was that all Mexicans should stay home from work for one day and see how the city’s business fared without them.  In theory, good idea – in practice, not so much.  The whole thing was designed to show the contribution that Mexicans make to the city’s economy.  What they ended up doing was providing a such a light traffic day that road-weary Los Angelenos happily wondered if they could make this an annual thing.  I mean if you think about it there are at least a million Mexicans in Los Angeles so that’s like what…72 cars that stayed off the freeways that day.***

I’ve also seen it work but in reverse.  Ever move a black family into an all white neighborhood…even now in 2010?   You don’t even need to make the announcement, them petrified white folks BE OUUUUTTTT!  Although one shouldn’t worry, there is a remedy: put in a Starbucks and sell the anchor, corner properties to the gays.  Clearly, the opposite of “petrify” is “gentrify”…

Racism is a hot topic in America.  However, one wacked Walmart whitey got on the M-I-C asking black folk to leave don’t hardly constitute racism.  So, what?  He doesn’t have the power to withold anything from anyone so it’s just an opinion.  Let him have it.  Sh*t, next time, he should follow it with a song.  We should no more evaluate white folks level of racism by one idiot with a mic then we should ask an entire storeful of black folks to leave cuz one person tried to return the houseshoes they bought last  month backs stepped on and flattened out.  At the end of the day, no matter what any one dude says or does, we’ve got to remember that the majority of white folks, even some in power, in this country don’t feel this way.  Just ask one of the 50 million that voted for My Boo.

(***DISCLAIMER – please don’t get all La Raza on me for the Mexican reference.  The real reason it didn’t work is that I don’t think you can convince the Mexican people to skip work.  That’s a good thing.  Mexican folk utilize capitalism better than any other people on earth but that’s a post for another day.)


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