It’s A Thin Blue Line Between Love and Hate…

Why is it that crimes committed against police officers carry a higher penalty than crimes committed against civilians but bad cops can commit all kinds of heinous crimes without higher penalties?  Don’t they have a higher duty of care to protect and serve? 

I’m so cool on these bad seed cops (click here)  they don’t even make for good cinema anymore.  Now, bad cop stories read more like reality t.v.  What happened to the good old days when you could teach your kids to look for a cop whenever they were lost or otherwise in trouble?  Nowadays, we have to caution kids that a police uniform no longer automatically means you’re safe.  That really sucks.  No more lost red-haired kid, sitting on the sarge’s desk, wearing the captain’s hat and eating an ice cream cone; no more afro’d kid, handcuffed to the intake officer’s desk, nursing a black eye with his shoulder, bleeding from his mouth and asking repeatedly if he can call his mama.  Ahhhhh, the good old days…

And it’s the good cops that get the bum rap.  Because the overwhelming majority of police officers are good people who are drawn to an often thankless job because they, by nature, like to help people.  They’re like teachers that way.  Prick-like teachers.  Who carry guns.  And sometimes kill us.  But are, otherwise, perfectly helpful.  Unless you’re a black male or Latino male.  Then one must ask:  are they helping or they hindering? 

Policing is a hard job and I’m thankful that there are those who choose to do it.  But it would seem to me that more can be done to weed out the bad cops (and the good cops that hide them behind the blue wall.)  Since we, the citizens, pay them to protect and to serve us, we take for granted that it’s assumed that we’d prefer they not rape and pillage us.  Protect and serve v. rape and pillage – I understand the line between the two can be thin but must it also be blue?


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