I Would Totally Join The Tea Party…But I Don’t Party With Assholes

“I absolutely think it’s isolated,” Amy Kremer, the grassroots coordinator of the Tea Party Express, told Fox News on Sunday. “It’s disgraceful and the people in this movement won’t tolerate it because that’s not what we’re about.”  (click here)

It’s too late.

Don’t try to backpedal…you done did it now.

This is what happens when you try to build a political movement around a bunch of moonshine swilling, yuckmouth rednecks – the majority of whom were conceived during family reunions.  And I mean immediate family, not extended.

Let’s address her response point by point, shall we? 

First, I find it laughable that The Tea Party is trying to call the incidents isolated.  One “Nigger!” shout is isolated.  A chorus of “Nigger!” shouts is densely populated like a mofo.  So, I need someone to step up and be accountable.  Because every time you get together, you look less like a legitimate political organization and more like a lynch mob of Founding Father groupies, blindly following some 300 year old example of how this country should work, just as willing to repeat the mistakes as well as the successes.  Listen, I’m a fan of the Founding Fathers’ vision when it came to making this country great.  But let’s not romanticize this group of powdered-wig white men who believed it to be perfectly reasonable to own another person, to enslave his fellow American…as long as they were black.  Yes, I said it.  Fellow American.  Black folks,  you think your ass got mad cuz somebody tried to kick us out of Walmart?  Back in the day, they would tried to keep us in the Walmart…as inventory.   Show me your teeth, Kunta!  Now, that’s a rollback for yo’ ass!

Next, she says that people in the movement won’t tolerate it.  Uh, excuse me, Grand Dragoness…people in the organization DID tolerate it.  What you seem to kindly overlook (and don’t worry, I’ll be here to remind your dumb ass about it every now and again) is that I don’t recall any reports of anyone gettin’ jumped in that crowd.  Nobody was detained until the police arrived.  No names or descriptions were released to the media.  I don’t know where you’re from…but where I’m from “not tolerating” some shit looks a lot different from “really enjoying” it.   “Not tolerating” it would have called for some missing teeth, bloody t-shirts and some accountability coming from The Tea Party organizers.  And while we’re at it, for all the Tea Party’s talk of diversity, why wasn’t there a black face in the crowd anyway?  Or maybe there was and THAT’s who the “Niggers!” were for…maybe it was a role call.

Then, finally this trick says, “…that’s not what we’re about.”  Well, Amy Duke, what the hell ARE you about?  The thing is – you’ve plenty of time to become an organization with a purpose other than yelling your discontent and disrupting town hall meetings.  I’ve yet to see a sensible, tangible position on anything.  Just a whole bunch of hootin’ and hollerin’ – is this a protest gathering or is it a hoedown?  I think it’s certainly easier to point out what you’re not about then to give some actual thought to what you are about.  The truth is, The Tea Party patriots have no clear value to the American people.  Maybe if you cut bigger eyeholes in your hoods, you’d see that you’re losing traction because no one  knows what you’re trying to accomplish.  You down with G-O-P?  Yeah, you AND me!  So, what the hell do I need you for?  I recommend that you get a purpose…I’d hate to see you become the Kim Kardashian of politics.  I mean she’s great in theory, nice to look it…but is she really more than some washed up side piece who wants Bush back?

The one thing she got right, though.  This is absolutely disgraceful.  Like Celebrity Rehab disgraceful. 

I think that the fifteen minutes of fame are over for The Tea Party folks.  We can all go back to our coffee because these folks are really just a voting block and are completely irrelevant except around elections.  It’s a shame…because they had a real chance of showing us what American democracy is truly about — having to do all the dumb shit your neighbor wants to because that bastard is louder, richer or white and his sister is a stripper.  Your sister, on the other hand, looks like Forrest Whittaker.


6 thoughts on “I Would Totally Join The Tea Party…But I Don’t Party With Assholes

  1. And to think Mrs. Clarence Thomas wants to join the “tea partiers”. I’m sure CT unleashed the “ghetto” side of him and gave his wife da biz-nass on how dumb that idea was.

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