All Manner of Random Foolishness: Ron Brown, Mike and Dancing Queens

If you know me, you know that every once in a while I like to tell the story of my second grade friend, Mike and I also like to ask what the hell happened to Ron Brown.  (click here) This post is about Mike.  However, a sistah is curious about a $5million plane with bad equipment and a myopic pilot who made a molehill out of a mountain.  But back to Mike –

When I was in second grade, a boy came to our class from China.  I don’t know what his name was.  I don’t believe we were ever told.  Our teacher, Mrs. G—–, informed the class that [insert name here] didn’t speak any English at all.  She went on to say that we would take five nominations for names and then the class would vote.  The reason we were doing this is because everyone has to have a name.  So we nominated like five names (everyone knows I nominated the best name ever: Skippy but it didn’t win…loser ass second graders) and then we all voted.  We picked the name Mike.  Mike just sat there blinking, staring at a room filled with round-eyed kids, raising and waving their hands.  He didn’t even get a vote.

“Mike” didn’t even get a damn vote.

That’s what democracy is turning into in America.  Folks are running around deciding what’s best for the American people.  Debating about it for a year.  Strategizing, demonizing, revitalizing, simonizing (don’t judge me, I needed another -izing word.)  W…T…F!!!  In this instance, y’all, I wanna be un-like Mike.  I wanna get a vote.  It’s 10:50p…do you how your representative voted?

If your rep didn’t have your back this weekend, then certainly don’t have his or hers in November.  We keep threatening to send a clear message to Washington but we keep forgetting. Now, all hell done broke loose! Our Congressional sessions are turning into monkey shit fights inside the Capitol and out.  And now the states want in on a piece of the healthcare foolishness!!  Enough!  It’s time to do what we gotta do in the ballot box…we gotta remember this time:  set a Google appointment, put in your Blackberry, write yourself a letter, tie a string around your finger.  I plan to tell my nephew that his birthday is changing to November 2nd this year so HE can remind me.  He’ll be mad that there are no gifts but I’ll just tell him that the Democrats took his gifts and gave them away to pay for mandatory disco balls for needy, dancing queens.  He should be fine with that. He’s very “democrat-ic.”

This time, let’s not forgive these politicians who keep trying to call us Mike.  Don’t make “Mike” suffer (or at the very least look at and around you completely bewildered and confused) in vain. Get in the box and make your name known.

And make my name known, too…just in case I come up missing for the Ron Brown question.


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