He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not And Other Girlie Pursuits

I agree that CBS should have to retract their accusation that U.S. Solicitor General Elena Kagan is a lesbian.  (click here) It’s impossible for her to be a lesbian because clearly she is a man.

Now, before all the overly feminist broads get their pubies in a knot, let me just say…don’t.

I get it.

I once worked for a guy who told me that all “gals” had to make a choice in high school.  They had to choose to either be pretty or be smart.  In his opinion and the opinion of many men (and sadly, some women) the two terms are mutually exclusive when it comes to women.  He even said that usually nature decides for gals but some gals can fight it and win.

That view is clearly antiquated and more importantly incorrect.  Only idiots still believe that a woman can’t be fine, fierce, feminine and f%$# smart (sorry for the expletive, alliteration is my life) all at once.  But ladies, since we’ve come so far, and worked so hard, and accomplished so much, would it kill us to add a couple coats of mascara to make our eyes really pop?

All women are beautiful, by sheer virtue of our ability to give life, we’re already a leg up on men!  Think how much further we could go if we would just keep that leg shaved?

Let’s stop pretending we live in a society where looks don’t matter at all.  That would be nice but unless you’re gonna put this lawyer babe in a burqua — she needs to work on her fabulous.  Fast.

More importantly, don’t let homeliness become the calling card of enlightened and empowered women.  Attractiveness is a tool, as much as intelligence and polish.  Just because we haven’t learned to use it appropriately, doesn’t mean we should vilify it.  Letting men categorize us and feminists shame us dissipates the true power at the source of feminism — femininity.  Harnessing all of the qualities that are inherent in us?  THAT’s true feminism.

Now, I gotta go…my guy just slapped me on the ass and told me to get him a beer.


8 thoughts on “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not And Other Girlie Pursuits

  1. 1) I wish you stop telling the world lies about me slapping your ass and getting me a beer…I DON’T DRINK AND I TOLD YOU TO GET ME A COKE!!

    2)compared to janet reno….she’s a “victoria’s secret angel”. No woman holding a presidential appointed position can out-fugly Reno (who was a hermie, btw…yeah, JR had to be a hermie)

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