Woooo-weeee!! Make Way For The Moonshine! We’re Having A Celebration Hoedown!

I love, love, love when someone who is really down and out wins the lottery! (click here)

BUT…(and you knew that there would be a “but”)

When asked what he planned on doing with the hundreds of millions of dollars that he won, this lovely gentlemen said he was going pay his electric bill. 

It’s a wake up call, really.  A reminder for us to be thankful for our circumstances.  Because some folks in America are really struggling.  I mean, you’re struggling when the loftiest financial goal that comes to mind is keeping yo’ ass in some utilities, OK?  This example is a reminder of the importance of limiting government spending.  Not every struggling American will be lucky enough to win the lottery.  Our government is incurring massive debt on our behalf…and on behalf of the people who can’t pay their light bills without a leprechaun and a windfall.  Let’s keep these Americans in our minds and in our hearts.

OK, that said…

I was surprised to see that this guy’s most important goal would be his electric bill when there are CLEARLY more pressing issues at hand…like the ability to enjoy corn on the cob.  To be fair, his teeth do get an honorable mention later in the article.  But for real, for real?  I would have liked to see him LEAD with his teeth.  In fact, since teeth are clearly not his top priority (which is why he ain’t got none today) perhaps he should just go ahead and buy two sets — to keep a spare set in his pocket.  I’m not trying to be mean, I just want our wedding photos to turn out nice.

Shhhhh!  Be vewwy vewwy quiet, I’ma huntin’ possum…and Lew-ee Vwee-Tawn.


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