Returning From Hiatus Today!!

I’ve been away all week! 

See, what had happened was…massah turned his head for a moment.  So, I made a run for it.  I bolted, I shimmied under the fence, I ran and ran – quick! like a bunny! – over the hill, through the river.  Uh-oh, po-po up ahead.  Damn!  Ain’t got no freedom papers.  So, I bolted again.  Run, run! Cover my tracks, rip my slacks, well, they’re clamdiggers now.  POW!!  Out of nowhere, Massah caught me with a right hook.  I got knocked the f—- out!!   He sent me back to the fields so I been workin’ my ass off.

So, I wasn’t able to blog.

But my flight leaves Arizona today…and as soon as I get home, I’ll get caught up.  I promise!


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