When It Comes To Healthcare, It’s All About The Bennies, El Presidente!!

I don’t know that I would go so far as to say the new health care law is already working (click here)…but I might be convinced to say that we are being positioned to receive those benefits in the very near future.  (Well, that was a whole bunch of words that said absolutely nothing! – whaddya know?  I’m a politician, too!) 

The jury is still out on whether or not that means anything to the American people. 

I hate that Obama had to jump the gun and make these obviously loaded statements.  But he’s taking a beating in the polls and his team is anxious to point out benefits as quickly as possible.  I get that, but I gotta admit he’s starting to sound more like those “power of positive thinking” chippies that could find the bright side of a rectal tear.  In spite of the rainbows and kittens, I know he’s working his plan behind the scenes.

So, let’s take a look at what the The Rak’s been cookin, shall we?

He first touts that small business owners have been told of a possible tax cut this year.  First, let me say, that possibilities are not the same as bennies.  I mean how many of us crawl out of our warm, comfy beds early in the morning for the possibility of a paycheck.  I ain’t tryna work for free.  I need some confirmation up in here!  Otherwise, I just have the world’s strangest hobby.  So, I think we jumped the gun on this one. Worse, if it doesn’t pan out, Ricky’s gonna have some ‘splainin’ to do.  Next!

Secondly, he says that some Medicare recipients would receive $250 to cover the gaps between rising pharmaceutical costs and payouts.  That would totally rock…if them folks didn’t need to use that $250 to pay for groceries since their social security checks don’t hardly keep up with their living expenses and they can’t find any jobs to supplement their incomes.  Next!

Nope, that’s it, folks.  OK, so let’s admit…that wasn’t squat.  The Prez needed some benefits that were attached to dollar signs but when you think about the change that we need in our healthcare system, they don’t begin to touch on the real issues.

So, let’s talk about some real benefits that aren’t really getting their shine thanks to their lackluster forerunners:

  1. Patient’s Bill of Rights!  Nothing like empowering folks with some knowledge.  When we know what we’re entitled to (not just what we want) and what our true options are, it’s way harder for insurance companies to force us to settle for as much trash as they do.  And when we attach dollars to that knowledge, these companies will finally pay attention.  It works better any government regulations. 
  2. Market pressure on insurance companies to change service delivery models and reduce costs rather than passing them on to patients.  We’re already seeing that with this administration’s help.  Companies who are trying to hike rates without implementing significant cost reduction measures get snitched on!!  The government just straight up tells on ’em.  Rallies the American people.

These are significant and immediate benefits because the market has allowed unchecked profits for these insurance behemoths for far too long.  But now we gotta take the candy from the baby…the really, really big angry baby, who’s armed and dangerous and got thyroid issues and ‘roid rage. 

Now, my Prez can’t say that out loud…I got you, Prez.  The insurance companies already have him in the crosshairs.  But by the time they can pull the trigger, the American people will be educated about their rights and options.  We’ll be dodging bullets all over the place.  And if we’re hit, no worries — we’re covered.  At the very least, we’ll a $50 band-aid (hopefully brand new) and $200 Tylenol, covered by our premium.  Sweet!

Brilliant strategy, El Presidente!


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