Newsbreak: Tiger Woods Finally Comes To Terms With The…Er, Heart Of The Matter

Bwa-haha-ha-ha!!!  LOL, LOL…can’t…stop…laughing!!!   This is way too easy,  I know.  But the headlines reads:

Woods withdraws, may have bulging disk in back !!!!   Go ahead, click the link.

Come ON!  Let’s play, I’ll get us started:

  • If you think the bulge in is BACK is causing him problems, you should see what the bulge in FRONT is doing.
  • Oh, look…a typo.  Shouldn’t that “s” be a “c?”  No, sorry, it’s actually the wrong word.  The word is “knife.”
  • If Tiger knew how to withdraw when he had a bulge, he wouldn’t have this problem in the first place

Your turn!!

p.s.  I know I said I wasn’t going to mess with Tiger anymore but where are his people?  There supposed to be able to do better than this!


9 thoughts on “Newsbreak: Tiger Woods Finally Comes To Terms With The…Er, Heart Of The Matter

  1. Amazing, he pulls out at the 7th hole, but refused to “pull out” after the 7th ho.

    If he thinks his back is killing him now, wait until his wifes hyena’s….er liars….no I mean LAWYERS finished with him. They’ll leave a wound sooooo deep in his wallet, we could plug that oil leak in the gulf of mexico AND have a express route to china.

  2. “He popped up two tee shots with his 3-wood, and hit another one at a 45-degree angle. In relatively easy scoring conditions, Woods … was tied for 45th …”

    Hard to top that. But it appears after giving up sex, now he has bulging disk problems … this is news? Has to “stretch and loosen his neck” repeatedly just to get through the game? Obviously his sex therapy isn’t working. He’s still addicted.

  3. Tiger’s bulging disk problems are clearly affecting his stroke. Some of his shots are just dribbling down the center of the fairway.

    Ahem. Shouldn’t have gotten me started.

    Bailing out. Have fun. LOL.

  4. OK. I feel better now. We’re all bad. LOL. I just thought the punsters out there would rise to the occasion. BTW I once defined a pun as a single entendre. Observation: women look at Tiger and wonder how he could be so low. Men look at his wife and wonder … who could cheat on that? But really it’s the same question. “What were you thinking?” Jeez.

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