Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina! Just Meet Me In The Keys!

Why are Governor Mark Sanford and his wife’s still in the news? (click here) I’ve drawn the conclusion that these two people, who’s lives have taken completely different turns, have one and only one thing in common:

Neither one of them gives a damn about their four kids.

First of all, who DOES that?  Who tells everyone at the office that they’re going for a hike only to board a plane and fly to another entire continent…just to get some ass?  Dude, you’re a damn pig!  You couldn’t find no regional, state or local ass?  Isn’t South Carolina known for their natural resources? It says so right on their state seal along with the question, “Who Will Separate?” (Apparently, the Governor thought it less a question and more a call for volunteers)

And stop pretending you don’t enjoy being in the public eye, Gov’na! The media is obsessed with your personal life? With all that drama you brought to the table calling that broad your soulmate all up in front your wife, it’s a wonder you haven’t gotten your eyeballs scratched out! On a side note, does it make you wonder where Jenny Sanford’s girls were at the time?  Vacation, maybe?  If my man pulled some mess like that, my girls and I would have to jump in the car…then a canoe…then a train…then another car…then a burro, and break all up in that camp. Yet, even Jenny’s sister sounds strangely supportive of Mark. Perhaps there’s a reason not to throw this man under the bus publicly about his triflin’ ass? If my brother in law cheated on my sister, I would literally throw his ass under, over and in front of a bus.

And Jenny Sanford is no better. Who tells four teenage boys the truth about their cheatin’ dad?  Who DOES that?  And under the guise of needing to protect her boys by being 100% honest with them.  Lady, you a damn lie!  Since when do we have to be honest with the kids? You need to lie to ’em just like the rest of us. Them boys didn’t need to know the truth about their father.  That was grown folk stuff.  Why you can’t let them boys find out on their own about their no-count daddy (and his side piece.) Don’t put the babies shit all out there just cuz YOU’RE mad at YOUR baby daddy. Shoulda never married his triflin’ ass anyway!

So, now Mark and his Argentinian sidepiece are kickin’ it in the Florida Keys while his ex-wife Jenny goes on Dr. Phil campaignt ing for the person who’s running against her ex-husband for the GOP primary vote for SC Governor.  And you and I both know Dr. Phil don’t put his hands on nothing if ain’t dirty. And something certainly is dirty cuz why would she mess with her ex’s job -ain’t she gettin’ alimony?  She messing with her own damn paper!  Silly rabbit. Speaking of rabbits, looks like she’s also come out publicly with a new boyfriend. Hmmmm, already???

Didn’t all this stuff happen just last year? SMDH…those poor babies. Poor, poor babies.

*sigh* Hopefully, all of the judges and magistrates will take this stuff in consideration before sentencing the Sanford boys in the next 5-10 years


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