Awwwwwwww, DAMN!!! Who Left The Gate Open?

 So, Janet and Chrissy have joined forces in some kind of unholy union to show support the new immigration law. (click here) Well, actually I shouldn’t call them Janet and Chrissy because these two bitches don’t know Jack!!

Not one to let an occasion slip without a folksy soundin’ catchphrase, Sarah Palin instantly coined the mantra “We’re all Arizonans today!” Really, bitch? Really?! Well, if we’re both Arizonans how come only one of us is going to be stopped for an ID check every time I make a PMS run to the Stop N Go for a corn dog and some hoho’s..ho? I mean, it hardly seems fair that my brown skin could arouse unreasonable suspicion that I’m an alien when Sarah Palin’s antenna and clear eyelids won’t even raise an eyebrow.

The funny thing is that after all these weeks with Jan Brewer as the face of immigration reform, Sarah seemed to be doing all the talking. I guess that makes sense, right? Put Yoda in a blonde wig as the face of immigration reform and then hand the mic to Forrest Gump? Hmmm….

Well, at the very least, I guess I should just be happy Jan Brewer even has what it takes to secure the damn border in the first place. Because God knows her predecessor, Janet Napolitano can’t secure shit. If she was still governor of Arizona, Mexicans would not only enter the country illegally but they would probably also breach airport security by sneaking onto Southwest flights with chimichanga-shaped bombs tucked away in their naughty places.

In any event, Sarah better be careful. Jan Brewer don’t do shit that ain’t gonna work for her politically. Arizona got enough conservatives to vote her back into office, even without the Hispanic vote. Sarah Palin on the other hand may not want to piss off the group of people who represent the fastest growing, baby-makingest population in this country…not counting, of course, Sarah Palin’s own fastass kids.  Perhaps Sarah Palin’s time would be better served worrying about who’s sneaking through the gate around her house rather than who’s sneaking into Arizona.


10 thoughts on “Awwwwwwww, DAMN!!! Who Left The Gate Open?

  1. A bunch of damned hypocrites!! They didn’t beyotch/moan this much about illegal immigrants when Shrub ruled for 8 years. But now, after less than a year and a half of Obama, they “USS Alabama rising” all over the floor about it.

    This is the only issue her royal fakenesss (sarah) can complain about since BP SPILLED BABY SPILLED all over the gulf of mexico.

    If sarah palin somehow becomes pres, I’ll start praying for an EARLIER return of Christ. I’m too poor to flee the country and live in Austraila

  2. Watchout phil, those Australians are a way different brand of American. My current blog nemesis is an atheist Australian philosopher who edits a thinktank blog where the scientists discuss how to justify turning our grandchildren into robots … so … ya gotta wonder what’s in the water down there.

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