The Black American Family: Out With The Old Guard, In With The New

Remember this?  It was a tremendously emotional night for me.  I cried because I believed.

I believed in change and I believed in the sanctity of marriage.  I still believe in the sanctity of marriage.

I am inspired by this man and this woman and what they’ve built…together.  His success is clearly a family business.

I’ve learned from watching friends, family members and those that live their lives in a public arena that marriage is both a gift of God and a tool of the enemy.  Marriages must carefully guarded, they are precious.  And when you open them up for access to the entire world, they often end.

Whatever challenges they’ve faced on professional and personal level, I’m praying that this family can make it through the next 2-6 years intact.  That those children have the continued love and availability of both parents and access to the love that their parents share with one another.

If they can pull this off, it will be the most important accomplishment our country has ever known.  Someone will have finally knocked Cliff and Claire Huxtable off of their undeserved pedestal.  Y’all know that broad had too much sass and too much mouth, always  tryna “let me tell you one thing.”  No, bitch, let ME tell YOU one thing.  Ain’t no partner at no prestigious NY law firm comin’ home to cook and clean up after her family, all without even taking off her Chanel pumps and Roland Mouret suit!  Meanwhile, there’s a completely useless husband down in the basement diddling with OB/GYN nurses and choreographing dance numbers with the kids…

C’mon, I’m ready to lose the Huxtable family as the Holy Grail of black families and put a real family with real issues on the forefront of American minds.  Real issues like should we pimp slap President Calderon for coming to the US and talking slick about Arizona (Hey!  those are OUR ignorant yokels.  If anyone is gonna call them racist bastards, it’s gonna be us!)  Or, how do we reduce our country’s dependence on oil, particularly now that half of it is turning rancid in a big puddle in the Gulf.  Not trivial shit like how are we gonna get Peter’s little fat ass to the dentist when we can’t even get the little porker to stop bolting out the door into the traffic like a slave chasin’ freedom every time the front door is opened.  Of course, the Huxtables look like the perfect family.  Other than Peter and that damn Gordon Gartrelle gone wrong, they ain’t got no problems!  Even Olivia’s little “dysfunctional mama” havin’ ass turned out to be sweet as puddin’ pie.  No abandonment issues, no nothing.

Let’s watch the Obamas instead.  Now these folks?  These folks got some problems.  They got crazies crashing their parties, breaches of national security, exiled ex-girlfriends, approval ratings, PMS.  This is serious business.  They need constant prayer.  We that care to should be keeping this family in our prayers and/or in our thoughts.

Well, except for me.  Since I’ve decided to respect the sanctity of their marriage and stop calling him My Boo, I need to keep that married man out of my thoughts…because they’re dirty.


6 thoughts on “The Black American Family: Out With The Old Guard, In With The New

  1. I appreciate the real talk about marriage and family because honestly at its best…this s&** can be very hard. And you know that I didn’t go down without a fight….sass and all…

    BTW, maybe you can call them your boo(s) plural?

  2. aawww, a sweet and touching article. I would volunteer to take your boo’s place in your “not ready for primetime” thoughts, but, um….it looks homie might have an admirer who is fit/fine and she seems really interested in me.

    I knock off two things on my “bucket” list and then this….I’m scared 🙂

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