How Low Can You Go…Can You Go Down Low?

As we approach my favorite little cafe in Philadelphia with the al fresco seating in front of the huge open windows, Twon and I notice the two elderly couples in their seventies sitting at a round table outside enjoying the beautiful day. We also noticed the pedestrian who bore a striking resemblence to a Mandingo warrior in biking shorts standing above them talking nonchalantly with er, “Mr. Harry Peter” directly in the line of sight of the two wives.

Each of the two women chatted and laughed pleasantly with this guy while their husbands ordered the meals, looking up to make eye contact with the gentleman somehow completely ignoring what clearly appeared to be a human forearm trapped in the front of this man’s BIKING SHORTS. After a moment, I turned to Twon and said, “100 bucks says the blonde looks first.”

Moments later, Twon and I made our way to the ATM to get the cash. He won it fair and square. One of the husbands couldn’t help but thoroughly inspect the package…and he was a brunette.


11 thoughts on “How Low Can You Go…Can You Go Down Low?

  1. Between this, and reading about tranvestites going topless in rehoboth beach in DE…I’m soooooooooooo OD’ing on eye/mindbleach tonight.

    Oh, it would also help if you told us where at in Philly, so when I take a date to lunch/dinner, I know where NOT to take her. 🙂

  2. I am so not going there. Literally and figuratively.

    But the other day I answered the phone and asked how the caller was doing.

    He said “totally stressed.”

    “Well I’m here to take the stress out … what can I do for you?” says I.

    “Are you flirting with me?” he says.

    Tossing all my phone skills out the window, I said “NO WAY.”

    And he says: “Fair enough.”

    LOL. Roooookaaaaay …

    • GTChristie, I gotta say – after reading On Beyond Dogmatics and your response to On the moral authority of science and religion @ the Metamagician’s, “NO WAY” is absolutely hilarious. It rocks that you’re “bilingual!!” LOL!

    • LOL, not at all. I don’t think you’re loquacious. There are no unnecessary words in your writing. For a PHI newbie like me, I need every one of those words in order to understand it. Although admittedly, some of the concepts are still out of my grasp, what I can reach is increasing my brain plasticity, I think. The last two words of the previous sentence reflect both my uncertainty and my existence. See? 🙂

  3. Actually I start out with a LOT of unnecessary words. But like the bad seeds in the parable, some fall by the wayside. I am humbled by your opinion.

    But I have seen the phi you can do. You don’t fool me for a minute. It’s all good.

    Now. I wonder if you noticed, in the metamagician threads, how people picked on the picayune but didn’t much disagree with the larger arguments. Or am I dreaming? I had no idea I was that damn-very good. LOL.

    Anyway don’t faint with damned praise. I get self-conscious easy. I could always play guitar just fine until somebody sat down to listen.

    Hey, BTW, Sarah Palin had a horse in the Belmont — excuse me, let me rephrase that — fielded a horse. When somebody told me about that today, I said “It must have been the dark one.”

    I can’t help it.

    • I have noticed that at metamagician’s threads, although until you said it, I just thought he and some of his folks were just contentious. It’s so much easier to find a detail to refute than it is to actually think through ideas that are new or out of our comfort zone or simply not ours. It’s like a tennis match…some folks want a good game where each player exercises various strokes and maneuvers while others just want the chance to slam the ball over the net and force a misstep. Nobody wants to play with the latter. There’s no reason to…you never grow as a player with them, you just end up chasing random balls.

      Dark horse, one-hit wonder, bimbo…I’ll accept any one of those correct answers 🙂

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