YEEEEEEE-HAW!!!! A Muslim, A Sikh And A Methodist Walk Into A Bar…

This is America, people.  For better or worse.  If a fat, sweaty cousin-humpin’ yakoo wants to call a half-Sikh candidate and a half-Muslim President both ragheads, then so be it!  For crying out loud, the radio show that featured him is broadcast via the Internet FROM A PUB!!  Although clearly that’s a typo, everyong knows moonshine is made in a tub….not in a pub.  (click here)

Boss Hogg, er, Jake Knotts refuses to apologize and he probably shouldn’t.  Quite frankly he’s probably done a lot for Nikki Haley’s campaign.  She probably wouldn’t trade him in for all the vindaloo in Punjabi!  South Carolinians will likely vote for her, desperate to prove to America, that they are educated beyond sitting on the sofa on the front porch, drinkin’ from a jug through their missing front teeth, and pickin’ off cans of beer from the heads of lawn jockeys with their sawed off BB guns.  But enough about the Sanfords…

Let’s not get our panties in a bunch.  In fact, it may not be a bad idea to go ahead and let those dirt-eatin’ bastards keep South Carolina. Aren’t we tired of trying to drag these possum eatin’, coon tail wearin’ bastards into the 21st century?  Just let’em have the damn state.  Then they can hang up their confederate flags, spit their tobakky juice and let their crazy Uncle Cooters rock back and forth all day babbling incoherently…that is, when Congress is in recess.

So, congratulations, Nikki Haley.  Now, if you can just keep Bo and Luke from leaking the details of that night of slap and tickle in the backseat of the General Lee, you’re in there!


8 thoughts on “YEEEEEEE-HAW!!!! A Muslim, A Sikh And A Methodist Walk Into A Bar…

  1. The first Palin copycat.
    To wit:
    The other candidates have bigger names and longer résumés, but Haley, the only woman among them, built a sizable lead by making sport of busting the old-boy fraternity that she says dominates, even corrupts, South Carolina politics.

    “When you turn around and threaten their power and you threaten their money, they turn around and push back,” Haley, a fast-talking and polished campaigner, told a crowd here on Saturday night. “But what they don’t understand is I have a strong faith, I have a strong spine, and I have a strong husband …”

    Republican in a Republican state.
    Runnin’ against the ole boy network.
    Slappin’ back at the tabloids too.

    Two political consultants have made some … umm … allegations. Not so smart in that line of work, unless ya wanna change parties.

    • We’ve got a serious problem in America with institutionalized -isms. There’s a huge issue when we’ve got public officials bandying about the term Sikh as if it were a dirty word? This is embarrassing to me as an American.

      They’ve met their match with Haley, though. She, Palin and Jenny Sanford are like the white, educated, politically connected Supremes. These broads have it all – attractive, smart, charismatic. I’d love to see them all onstage together. But which one would be Diana Ross?

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