DISCLAIMER: His Views Are Democratic Views, Not Black Views. He’s Running For Senate; Not The NAACP!

Can we start a petition? South Carolina has got to go! 

Those mofo’s just elected Bruh Man from the Fifth Flo’ as the Democratic Senate candidate slated to to run against the much better qualified and properly funded white Republican incumbent, Jim DeMint who is already picking out the new furniture and old ho’s he is going to redecorate his office with to celebrate his second term. (click here)   South Carolina first made it clear that their politicians don’t care about the state’s image and now…the people have proven that they don’t care either.  And if they do indeed care, then they need to fire their Democratic Committee Chair who claims they voted, get this, alphabetically.  Alphabetically?  What kinda shit is that? Even a four year knows that you go eeny-meeny-miney-mo when you need to make a tough decision.

South Carolina continues to make a mockery of the American process of kinda-sorta democracy-ish…and I’m done with these scan’lous bastards!  So, the well-known game amongst South Carolina Republican political operatives is that you get white conservatives out to the ballot boxes when you put a black candidate on the ballot.  Them white folks will shut that whole state down so they can get out to vote and make sure they don’t end up with a black candidate.  But if you’re going to play these kind of games, at least try to fool somebody.  Why pick THIS particular black man?  You coulda picked any black guy, even one as purty and shiny as a new nickel…and he’d still lose in that racist state.  So, why not upgrade?  Why is this the best black man you can find in South Carolina?  You shoulda called me – there are quite a few fantastic, qualified black men in South Carolina. You coulda picked one of them and then I wouldn’t have to explain this loser to everybody at work tomorrow.  Clearly, we are going to have to work on SC’s high quality negro detection skills.

Or maybe that’s the not issue at all.  Maybe the real issue is that Barack Obama got these white folks all turned around and confused.  Maybe it wasn’t a trick.  I mean he is an awe-inspiring man; intelligent, fine, polished, fine, powerful and don’t forget, fine.  But y’all know he ain’t come out the box that way, right?  Some assembly was required.  Michelle (and probably her mama) had to shape him up, mold him, y’know put a little water in his mouth…but more importantly, she had to sprinkle him with her Magical Negro Dust.  Clearly, Arnold Greene ain’t been dusted.  Arnold Greene is just dusty.  And there is a difference!


6 thoughts on “DISCLAIMER: His Views Are Democratic Views, Not Black Views. He’s Running For Senate; Not The NAACP!

  1. I read up a little bit & there are two explanations for this (and both may be true):

    1) Representative James E. Clyburn, Democrat of South Carolina and the House majority whip, suggested that Mr. Greene was a “Republican plant” and that the circumstance reeked of the “shenanigans” that have become the state’s trademark. (source: NYT)


    2) Mr Greene, running against a contender with some name recognition, was simply “Other” on the ballot in a year when voters are inclined to throw out practically anyone associated with a party machine (not only incumbents).

    This yields a candidate so weak/unknown/disorganized that if Republicans can’t beat him (shenanigans or no) in the general election, it will be a political embarrassment of monumental proportions. If Republican shenanigans were involved, it would serve them right to lose.

    And if Democrat shenanigans put up Greene as a straw man against his opponent in the primaries, … well now!

    The biggest upset of all would be if Mr. Greene turns out to be Davy Crockett when he gets Washington.

    But the voters have spoken! LOL

    • Davy Crockett???!!! Perhaps I should notify Mr. Greene there will be NO messing My Bo…er, President Obama!! Plus, this Greene guy doesn’t have the um, anatomy to be his own man that way. Davy Half-Crocked “barked at no man’s bid” (paraphrase) – this dude is running for Senate at some man’s bid. I can see just how it went down…yes, suh, massah! I sho’ will! Iffen yuh give me duh money, massah, I sho’ will shame mahself and my peoples, suh, yes suh, massah, suh. (shucks and jives, off to stage left as field hands, led by Uncle Remus, emerge from stage right happily singing Old Man River)

  2. PS it would be fun to turn Greene into a political animal between now and November. I have a tip for both parties, good for most of the coming decade: “It’s the corruption, stupid!”

      • LOL. Okay, okay. I like your interpretation — it’s probably better than mine. You’re right, there’s not much to him (evidently). I just thought it would be funny if he got elected, then turned out to be a “good government” type, like good ole Davy. You know. Ironic. In a way we’re saying the same thing, though: he’s a puppet. And I luuuuv the idea of the puppet turning into (pleeeeze pardon the expression, it’s an accident of the metaphor) a “real boy.”

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