Keepin’ Yo’ Head Above Water, Makin’ A Wave When You Can…Ain’t We Lucky We Got’em??? Good Ti-i-i-mes!!!

Being poor in America in a lot of ways is just not the same as being poor in other countries. When you are poor in the Congo or Bangladesh or the Ukraine or Guatemala – you don’t have shoes or toilets or or hygiene or teeth. When you’re poor in America? You got cigarettes and cable and vacations and, thanks to our being a welfare state, a mad sense of entitlement.

Now, before you jump on my ass, I get that some of us poor folks, the ones who are struggling to make ends meet are not the same as others of us poor folks who sit and wait for handouts. When you do your absolute best and sustenance remains outside of your reach, then you hold your up high and get the assistance that you need to feed your family while you get back on your feet as fast as you can. Perhaps someone in your family is sick and medicine is winning the war over food, maybe your wife rolled out with a neighbor and left you with a mortgage and five kids, each of them crumb snatchers wanting to eat every day, maybe your man can’t keep his hands to himself and you had to get his ass hauled away. Life happens.

In this recession, that six months of living expenses that’s supposed to be tucked away in your savings account is a figment of some childless white man’s imagination. I don’t believe anyone in their right mind has a problem with politicians – Democrat or Republican – who support temporary social services for folks are fighting to stay afloat but still need a lifeboat. That’s not who we’re talking about here (click here)

Now, you know good and hell well, you can’t just give a gang of folks no free debit cards…all willy nilly. This was never a good idea. Of course, you’re going to have some folks abuse the system. This wouldn’t be California otherwise. Fraud is rampant all over California. If you were going to work this system in 49 other states with no problem, California was going to be the state that would buck the trend and do something a little felonious.

But $1.8 million dollars withdrawn from the casino floor in the last 8 months? Damn. Let’s do a little research and a little math. $1.8 million dollars withdrawn from ATM’s that charge $5-6 per transaction…yes, I did say $5-6 dollars. Feels like gettin’ shot, don’t it? For every old suspicious-ass uncle who ever told you a conspiracy theory, please call him right now and apologize for your skepticism because THAT IS how they getcha! Anyway, assuming a $300 withdrawal limit, we’re talking 6,000 transactions. At $6 bucks a pop? The ATM company made $36,000 (this is an egregiously low estimate cuz realistically folks were withdrawing smaller amounts which mean more transactions to get to the 1.8 milli but whatevs) Now, the $1.8 milly got popped on the floor which the casino undoubtedly turns into a ri-damn-diculous profit margin since the odds are designed to lean in their favor PLUS they get a commission on the luck of your draw, my little leprechaun. Not exactly magically delicious for the taxpayers though, eh?

But here’s the biggest stick in your ass. Of those plays, SOMEBODY won and likely hit big. Off of our money, taxpayers. And we ain’t get shit. Well, yes we did. But what we got ain’t usually talked about in polite company.

But thank God that Arnold Schwarzenegger has stepped in to save the day. He’s gotten all the little deviant welfare careerists who scammed the system in the first place…to promise they wouldn’t do it again. Wow, dude really doesn’t know dick about people. There’s a difference between good folks that need help and the assholes who are defrauding the system. This ain’t calculus, dude. Every single person who made a withdrawal from a casino needs their benefits cut off and the money returned. Period. I don’t need a promise, I don’t need a commitment. I need my damn money back. I was a California tax payer for 10 years and this stings like a mofo.

I support the elimination of the direct, recurring free cash benefit in California. California Dems can kiss my ass. Unless they are going to properly legislate and enforce proper oversight and protocols, this is just not a system that works. I stand with my fellow Republicans who want to shut down the access @ ATMs at liquor stores, adult stores, bars, hair salons etc. I don’t care about the civil liberties of a welfare recipient that wants to purchase a fifth of vodka and freshly pressed hair with my money. Unless, of course, you are a white or Asian woman with black babies. Then, you should be allowed to use your benefits at hair salons. Y’all got them po’ babies walking around lookin’ like who shot John. How long are we going to let our little mulatto children look like their headbands should be made of yellow crime scene tape? But enough about my childhood…


4 thoughts on “Keepin’ Yo’ Head Above Water, Makin’ A Wave When You Can…Ain’t We Lucky We Got’em??? Good Ti-i-i-mes!!!

    • Ain’t that the truth. This article, as outrageous as it is, could be just another story about the completely dysfunctional California state gov’t that, too corrupt to function, is an absolute breeding ground for all kinds of fraud!!!! ….*sniff* I miss it 🙂

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