Oh My Black Stars!! U.S. Got Knocked The F&%# Out!!! Relax, Y’all…It’s Just A Game. Or Is It?

Today, I read two very different articles about the very same Africa and I continue to be amazed that despite it’s long, storied history and the progenitorial impact on civilization, Africa still can’t shake it’s bad rep. I understand Mase is going through the same thing.

In a strange reversal of fortune, a small African country stopped the advance of the world’s last remaining superpower (well, except for China who owns us and India who’s getting a sitcom on NBC this fall – dude! I SO cannot wait.) But instead of congratulations for a well-earned victory, the press and the US players seem to be talkin’ slick about the team that wore their asses out. (click here) Hmmm, I’m no expert but I saw a US team, that was no more tired than any of the other teams, get their asses handed to them. Here ya’ go! It was just a good match. Period. Sure, there was some tomfoolery in there but whatevs…Ghana’s not the best team to ever do it but apparently they played well enough to beat us. (Although my fierce loyalty will not allow me to accept a 3rd loss in 2014. We not going out like that. In fact, didn’t I see some evidence of WMDs in Ghana last time I was there? One quick call to Dick Cheyney, Ghana won’t be a prob in 2014.)

The strangest thing, though – even as Africa enters the world stage in a new way with these games – the G8 met and talked slick ’bout ’em like the same old dysfunctional red-haired (er, kinky-haired?) stepchild who simply cannot get its act together. (click here) Despite the failure of the G8 to keep its promise to provide a $25 billion annual aid (but really, restitution – tell the truth and shame the devil!) package, Africa still made strides in stabilizing it’s governments and economies…without yo’ damn money, thank you very much. It’s just sucks to me that no matter what Africa has the potential to become in the future, the world will always be reluctant to view them as anything more than spear-chucking savages in a land filled with flies, disease and really good dancers. True to patriarchal, imperialist form, the G8 are now callin’ out conditions for their involvement in Africa’s future – reducing conflict, strengthening legal systems and educating/protecting mothers and children. Those conditions sound really good – what idiot wouldn’t want those things?

But ain’t it just a bit hypocritical for so-called First World countries to impose standards on Africa that we are indeed unable to reach ourselves? At present, there is no greater conflict in the world than that between conservatives and liberals in the western world. Think our conflict is nominal and safer because folk ain’t dying? Think again! Ask the families of the 6,000 coalition troops who’ve given their lives for civilized nations. Ask the US mothers whose lost children contribute to the embarrassingly high infant mortality rate. Ask the communities whose rates of HIV/AIDS infection rival those in Africa. All because the funding and policies to combat these conditions are trapped in bipartisan gridlock while wealthy politicians debate the picayune details of this and that. Meanwhile the ticks of the body counter creep steadily upward. Think our legal system is without flaw? Think again! Ask the families of the disproportionately high number of ethnic minorities that waste away in overcrowded prisons for minor, non-violent offenses while the criminals who’ve stolen billions upon billions from the coffers of the American people remain untouched and free to offend again. Ask the billions of world citizens whose governments force us to pay for wars that we don’t want and can’t win. Think our women and children are educated and protected? Ask the millions of women who are injured or killed at the hands of their intimate partner each year. Ask all them dumb teenagers roaming the streets and committing crimes because their stupid asses can’t read after 16 plus years in a public school system that failed to educate them. Ask the countless children who are abused and sexually molested by the clergy, teachers and parents they trust. If our track record was as impressive as our condescension and righteous indignation, we wouldn’t be goin’ through half the shit we’re going through now!

So, if Africa’s success, if anyone’s success, depends on these factors, then God save us all. Africa will be successful when all of the imperialist rapists ravaged then plundered her put back what they took out. Sure, the methods have gotten more sophisticated, but the world continues to sit by while folk raze this continent and then judge the victims. We mistakenly feel that Africa’s problems are Africa’s. But today, we are in the throes of our first truly global crisis – the meltdown of major economic systems. (Thanks, GTChristie, for this great link) There’s no way we can just kick out one of the legs and then walk away from the table. The whole thing topples, peoples. We are truly now one community, for better or worse. To quote the great Shug Avery, “We’s married now!”

You know the funniest part is when Ghanian players were interviewed they, without fail, said that they were thankful for the opportunity to represent not just Ghana but all of Africa. They all claimed the victory in the name of every African country especially those that did not make it. Do you think our asses would of thanked Canada if we had won? If the World Cup is any indicator, Africa seems better poised for this global village thing then we do. It seems that we’re the ones who’d better get it together.

So, from now to the end of the games, I’m totally Team Ghana. I want to see this team win. Not just for Ghana. Not just for Africans. But for all people of African descent all throughout the entire diaspora who share a common ancestry with this resilient people in this beautiful, damaged homeland. I stand with the motherland…as long as nobody tries to make me go back. It’s just too effin’ hot and my bangs WILL go back. But, power to the people, though. [Right fist in the air] I’m wit’ cha in spirit.

OK, enough of this soapbox crap…quick! someone say somethin’ funny!


10 thoughts on “Oh My Black Stars!! U.S. Got Knocked The F&%# Out!!! Relax, Y’all…It’s Just A Game. Or Is It?

  1. That’s nice of Ghana Kym, but I’m rooting for either Brazil or Portugal for the simple reason that the female Brazilian/Portugese fans>*.

    Seriously, the brazilian/portugese women are ridiculously hawt beyond human comprehsension. They make rupal/elton john/greg louganis wanna get with them.

  2. I love it when your vernacular breaks down (LOL):
    >> … criminals who’ve stolen billions upon
    >> billions from the coffers of the American
    >>people remain untouched and free to
    >>offend again ….
    >>If our track record was as impressive as
    >> our condescension and righteous indignation,
    >> we wouldn’t be goin’ through half the shit
    >> we’re going through now!

    “Now a very great man once said,
    That some people rob you with a fountain pen.”
    — Bob Dylan (Talkin New York, 1961)

    Here’s another great link for you, about corruption:

    Imprisoned CEO of Russian energy corporation Yukos, Mikhail Khodorkovsky argues that corruption is a greater threat to world stability than nuclear war …

    Corruption is becoming my number one concern lately. From Wall Street to the Gulf and beyond — California. Zimbabwe. DC. Everybody’s got an angle. Everybody, that is, except … Phil, the Seoul Sista, that old crank GC and every other Ordinary People.

  3. OK one more comment & I’ll shut up. This is a scientific fact (this week). DNA researchers have figured out that only in Africa did the population NOT mingle genes (ie, “do it”) with Neanderthals.

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