Damn, It Ain’t Like We’re Trying To Get Whitney And Bobby Back Together!!

I’d appreciate it if everybody took a step back and got off the President’s nuts for like two seconds.  That should be enough time for us to really look at the issue of the proposed Ground Zero Mosque and fully realize that awfully handsome man is just doing his job, DAMN!  Upholding the Constitution…that IS why we pay him the big bucks, right?  This country was founded on freedom of religion.  Period.  Not just the religions we like.  All of ‘em, even the altogether absence of ‘em.  The most dangerous precedent we can set is to withhold the rights of an entire group of people for the behavior of a few.   And I’m not just saying that to dissociate myself from Flavor Flav. (Although, in all honesty, it is also a desired outcome.)

Don’t get me wrong, I see the challenge.  In this country, we’ve always suffered from a cognitive dissonance between the America our Constitution says we are and the America we actually live and believe.  Somebody betta tell the mama that the baby is ugly.  The great foundation that our forefathers built for us would be rocked to the core by the premise that we would prevent someone from exercising their rights because of their religion, if emotions run high enough or if someone’s religion is scary enough.  The moment we cross that line, we cease to be true Americans.  I don’t know about you but I’m not willing to give that up.  I live, die and bleed red, white and blue.  I believe that America is the greatest country on earth and the Constitution the greatest written work ever thought of by man.  My strange allegiance to Liechtenstein and Right On! magazine notwithstanding.

So, instead of crossing that line, let’s deal with the real issue.  It’s ugly but somebody needs to say it…we, as Americans, are still struggling to forgive Muslims, all Muslims for 9/11 and for the numerous acts of terrorism that followed, whether they were perpetrated by radicals or by states.  We also overlook or forget or simply don’t know what it means that many Muslims are also Americans.  That’s right, many of our fellow countrymen – patriotic, loyal and sincere – are Muslims.  Denial is a bitch – a big, hairy, nekkid bitch with morning breath.  Because while we talk a good game about embracing Muslims, we’ve been talking that game out of both sides of our mouths.  In other words, we been talkin’ shit, folks.

The overwhelming majority of Muslims are no more responsible for 9/11 than the overwhelming majority of Americans are for all of the warmongering that has taken place since.  Yet they’ve become a pariah for polite company.  In hushed tones, we exchange knowing glances and phrases like, “one of them…you know what I mean.”  Somehow, it’s become okay to “know what folk mean” when they cross the lines of respect and equality for Muslims.  Americans get all behind equality when you mean that an Irishman is no better than a German.  But throw some colored folk in the mix and all of a sudden them tones become hushed and them glances become knowing.  There’s still a good deal of healing and tolerance that needs to take place so that we can even begin to seek real reconciliation with the Muslim world.

At the end of the day, the person who we should be saving all our sass and moxie for is the damn Imam who’s kicking America straight in our nuts by trying to put the mosque at Ground Zero in the first place.  He claims to be seeking reconciliation and perhaps his strategy is to rip the bandaid off aggressively but really what he’s doing is shining a very uncomfortable light on America’s intolerance while blatantly slapping the victims of 9/11 in the face.  I’m all for rights but I believe that, in America, one way  we respect one another is by collectively honoring those events and places that are historically painful for constituent groups.  A mosque at Ground Zero is perfectly legal, may even still be ethical, but not at all sensitive to the loss of life and safety that Americans suffered that day.  It offends my sensibilities as an American and I am wholly and entirely against it.  Not because it’s wrong but because it hurts.

Wherever the boundaries of sensibilities lie in this situation, the positive note is that we can use this lack of judgement of one leader’s part to catapult us toward the reconciliation between the Muslim and western worlds that eluded Bush and continues to be beyond Obama’s reach as well.  I pray to my God, just as I’m certain that both devout and moderate Muslims pray to theirs, for an end to the violence and the warfare that has plagued this world since our brotherly progenitors parted ways centuries ago.  Surely, if Jermaine and Tito can work out their differences, we, the children of Isaac and Ishmael can work out ours.


15 thoughts on “Damn, It Ain’t Like We’re Trying To Get Whitney And Bobby Back Together!!

  1. If anyone does intend to highlight American intolerance by tempting us to block this thing next to Ground Zero, the best thing we can do is prove them wrong. I agree it’s painful. But if the sponsors of that project conceive it as a slap in America’s face, the opportunity to make that backfire is precious, while letting them “prove” our intolerance would be something we couldn’t overcome. Our rhetoric of freedom — the most genuine rhetoric we possess — would become meaningless. It is politically shrewd to recognize this unique opportunity to live by our ideals and put something better than guns behind our words: our actions. Painful though it may be, in this case it’s time to show how large we really are.

    • I know that you are right but it’s a bitter, bitter pill to swallow. The truth is, I’m hoping that the imam will see that the wounds haven’t healed over and abort his plans. For all that’s been said and done and memorialized in the last almost 10 years, very little healing has occurred because we’ve been trapped in the cycle of violence and death caused by multiple wars against Muslim states. Our wounds are still relatively fresh or at the very least renewed. The mosque so close to Ground Zero becomes symbolic of so many things – some intended, some not intended, some good, some not so good.

      If the imam moves forward with his plans, I will do my civic duty and recognize that those plans are right according to our Constitution and therefore inherently good. But, my personal truth is – I am opposed to it conceptually and it will hurt like a mofo. This internal tug of war is one more example of what lends greatness and weight to the rhetoric you mentioned. We take the bitter with the sweet and we progress together as Americans in the name of freedom.

      What’s worse, I see the danger of my thinking – it’s a breeding ground for hatred and oppression. I realize this and I struggle with it. For instance, similar protests are springing up in cities across the country to other mosques that are being built. If the protestors are successfull in NY, protestors with less “basis” have a greater chance of success as well. That would be completely unacceptable. I see the unreasonableness of folks protesting the building of a mosque in Temecula, CA.

      Man! This freedom thing gets complicated when beliefs and feelings are in tension with one another. If we’re lucky, the healing will be in the doing.

  2. Hey Kym, well put.
    Does anyone remember reading about the Christian Crusades? And these were Or what about the IRA?
    Or the KKK who use Christianity for their campaign of fear.
    Because some radicals twist their religious beliefs to carry out their hateful agenda, must the entire “loving” remainder of that population be demonized and characterized as radicals too?

    Yes 911 was horrific…But it was not caused by Islam, it was perpetrated by some nuts who were not true Muslims, just like KKK lynchings were carried out by nuts who are not true Christians.

    My guess is that the Mosque will not be built simply because the so-called controversy and opposition is just too strong.

    But it will be interesting to see what happens.

    • At this point, it’s anybody’s game. I do think it’s sad to see this issue politicized when there are so many different layers to the issue. these politicians can turn everything into a Republican v. Democrat quarrel. Let’s see what happens now that Harry Reid has vocalized his opposition.

  3. Well said kymie-poo.

    As I said on the automotive forum I belong to: “Saying all muslims are responsible for 9/11 is like saying that all (Fill in a race of people here):___________________________ are (fill in a negative stereotype here):______________________.

    • Phil, had I known there was going to be a quiz, I woulda paid more attention to what I wrote 🙂 Good to know that the automotive forum is a place for broad and varied conversation. Whenever you mention it, I always have images of you, Danny Zuko and Kannicky (sp) dancing around the Greased Lightening.

  4. Just someone TRYING to get everyone’s panties in a bunch by calling it the Ground Zero mosque when the proposed site is a few blocks away.

    This really is a non issue because what they are NOT reporting is that there are already 2 mosques within a 3-4 block radius of Ground Zero as well as 2 strip clubs…

    Oh yeah…did anyone mention that the Imam was a Bush supporter?

  5. I just figured out the automotive forum = politics connection. There we can discuss the legacy of President Ford?

    On another note, Dr King’s “Dream Speech” anniversary is marked by a zillion white folks stamping their feet for Beck and Palin. Speaking of defiling the memory of the dead … these two people have got to be the tackiest narcissists ever. Dr King had a dream. I have a nightmare. Beck in a little black mustache & Ms. Teaparty at the Superbowl halftime show. Wardrobe malfunction. Little swastikas tatted on somebody’s tatas. I pinch myself. Omigod it’s real. I’ve been sleeping funny in all this heat. I register as a Democrat because I no longer trust “outsiders.” It’s the silly season: August politics. I see the dummy’s lips move while the ventriloquist is talking. What did they put in my lemonade? I told you so. Please, please wake me up. Oh please.

    LOL … you’ve gotta check in once in awhile, dear, especially on a day like this. Hope all is well.

    • WAIT A MINUTE!!!

      Sarah Palin has a ventriloquist?

      First of all, I’m blinded by the brilliance of “swastikas tatted on tatas” but it begs the question…where will she put the “L” and the “R?”

      I actually think Beck is harmless because he recognizes himself as an entertainer. In fact, he calls Tyler Perry one his idols because that’s what he’s looking to build – an entertainment empire. That’s his dream.

      As far as holding the rally on the anniversary and location of Dr. King’s historic speech…I say let ’em! I’m glad he did. The best way to highlight a straight stick is to lay a crooked one right next to it.

      How YOU doin’?

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