I’m A Girly Girl…And I’ll Kick Your Ass To Prove It!

The latest data from EarthTrends estimates the female population of the world to be 3,428,196,000.  And if you took all us broads and lined us up starting from the most powerful at the front of the line to the least in the back, the formerly respectable Forbes magazine thinks that Lady Gaga should stand seventh in line.  Either the good ole boys at Forbes who compile this list don’t know dick about the power of chicks or…who am I kidding, there’s no need to go further.  That explains it.

I suspect the biggest challenge the Forbes boys had was finding 100 women they perceived as powerful in the first damn place.  The world doesn’t understand what makes us powerful.  Thanks to some overzealous feminists and a flawed value system, we seem think that powerful women are those that are most like men.   That’s why there are a whole bunch of wealthy women on the list.  That makes ‘em rich, but wealth is not power. There are a gang of CEO’s and corporate warriors on the list.  That makes ‘em ambitious, but titles are not power.  There are a number of celebrities on the list.  But popularity is not power.  Power is the ability to influence others, garner trust, effect change and impact lives.  Sometimes it happens the Forbes way but other times it happens in a Big Mama way.

I’m not saying that none of the women chosen are powerful.  My own beloved Michelle Obama tops their list.  Certainly, I believe her to be powerful.  But it would be nice to see the full spectrum of our feminine power and influence represented on the list –  more educators, social change champions, advocates, policy makers, non-profit leaders, etc.  You know, all the broads that are working to keep your li’l badass kids safe, healthy, educated and outta jail so he or she don’t end up robbing banks or swinging from a pole half naked to support their egregiously high number of illegitimate children and disparate baby daddies or baby mamas?  Those woman warriors who fight on a different battlefield – the American community – are also powerful and should be recognized.  As women, we are nurturers, mothers, caregivers as well as soldiers, rocket scientists and corporate raiders.  But somehow only the more aggressive pursuits are honored.

But let’s go ahead and continue to encourage Lady Gaga.  After all, Dame Edna is eventually going to die and we’ll need someone who can step in and hit the ground running.


5 thoughts on “I’m A Girly Girl…And I’ll Kick Your Ass To Prove It!

  1. Kym,
    As I reflect on the inordinately varied women who’ve influenced my life, I agree with you 100%! (I STILL can’t believe my mother had the audacity (and PROVEN strength) to raise ME all by herself! I love her eternally for attempting such a daunting thing! 🙂

  2. For a small fee of $60million, I can make lady gagme…er gaga disappear in the pine barrens. And you have my word that I’ll do a better job than the soprano crew 🙂

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