I, like many other Americans, continue to consider national security a matter of, well, national security.  I expect our country’s leadership to take whatever measures necessary to keep my fellow countrymen and me safe from the scurrilous attack of the evil forces who are threatened by American ideals and values…even if they have to be catty little bitches in order to get it done.

Lately, I’ve grown weary of constant reports of conflict in our own nation as well as throughout the world.  I’ve found it a challenge to continue to add my opinion to the legion of other opinions that, while entertaining, really offered nothing by way of resolution.  So, admittedly I glanced at headlines about Wikileaks without ever once clicking to see for myself the extent of the damage caused by what is arguably the most powerful publicity engine in the world.  I expected to read of world leaders using expletives and racial epithets in their descriptions of one another.  Perhaps an illicit dalliance between one diplomat and another’s tranny spouse.  Quite possibly we’d read evidence of wars fought on behalf of bruised egos and lost bets rather than disturbed boundaries.  Surely there would be a “Yo mama!” or two strategically placed in the global dialogue revealed by these documents.

Nope.  None o’ dat.

Instead what I actually read are simply allegations, maybe evidence, that our world leaders are human and as such prone to all of the same human emotions and frustrations that the rest of succumb to every day.  So, someone said Angela Merkel is, to paraphrase, risk averse and rarely creative.  She runs Germany, for crying out loud.  When’s the last time you attended Carnival in Munich or earned a beaded necklace at Oktoberfest?  So, her sphincter is wound tight.  It’s a trait of her countrymen.  This shouldn’t be shocking stuff, people.  We should have heard worse stuff in our lives by now.

And if the world leaders get their junk in a wad about this, then I’d suggest that they don’t have the emotional fortitude required to make the tough decisions to get this global economy back on track.  When we were kids, ribbing each other was a way of blowing off a little steam, a pressure valve, if you will.  Unlike today’s kids with asses made of candy, we developed thick skin and learned that they’re just words at best and opinions at worst. We learned early that when you interact with folks, you not always gonna think they’re pixies and rainbows.  Sometimes you’re gonna think they’re douche bags and assholes.  And sometimes, somebody gon‘ call it.  If I had a dollar for every time someone called me a retard or a half-breed or a know-it-all, I’d be driving a better car.  The cold hard truth is that our world leaders are going to say and do stupid things.  I guess George W. Bush started a trend.

So, after yet another distraction blows over – and it will blow over – I hope we can get back to the business of fixing our economy.  Because while we’re worried that the world will find out that Moammar Gadhafi likes blondes and big tits, the unemployment rate that started a downward trend in April is now stuck on a 3-month plateau because our focus and resources are being applied everywhere else.  On the bright side, new opportunities will be opening at Wikileaks due to current market demand.




  1. Not all us German folks are tight asses……I would be more than happy to throw out beads at Oktoberfest. Come and join me, you can be the first recipient……mmmmmmmm 🙂 And on a serious note: it said that Saudi Arabian leaders were secretly on board with a U.S. Attack on Iran AND funneling money to Al-Queda……Soooo they were playing both sides of the fence? Really? :-/ NO SHIT!! People need to stop acting like this is news

    • Schnitzel, I agree. While these cables are unfortunate, folks should know by now that govts don’t play nice. Every country pursues its individual interests at all time. When alliances line up, then so be it. But when they don’t, then so be it again.

  2. Glad to know High School socialization STILL applies. I’m at wiki leaks now looking for the memo “Do you want a Trade Pack? [ ] Yes [ ] No”

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