Can You SMELL What Mubarak’s Cooking?

World leaders and common believers in democracy both have offered many sage words as a show of solidarity with the great people of Egypt.  I share their vision as long as the view is the back of Mubarak’s ass.  To the soon-to-be-displaced Mubarak, I offer these words of advice:  Get yo’ hat, yo’ shit…and GIT!!!!

Now that I got that off my chest…I have to ask.  Where do 1 million poor Egyptians get their hands on the resources necessary to organize multiple protests, garner the support of the armed forces and take down a corrupt government?  I mean, I ain’t got nothing against Egyptian folk but coming from someone who plans stuff for a living, this ain’t no easy task.  I mean, sure, they built the pyramids but as I’m looking through the crowd of protestors, I’m hard pressed to find any Hebrew slave labor.  Who is doing the work of coordinating and executing this massive effort? Even just transporting this number of Egyptians in and around and between two heavily swollen Egyptian cities is a logistical nightmare.  How the hell did they get all those camels into the big city?  Particularly since Egyptians can’t walk closely in a single file since they have to move both of their arms like serpents in front and behind.  Ever try walking like an Egyptian…all up on another Egyptian.  That shit ain’t possible.

And speaking of things that ain’t possible…

How does a country that is buckling under the weight of its own poverty, where 40% of the population lives on less than $2 a day come up with the bang-bang to launch protest after protest after protest within a six day period – and effectively so at that?  That’s not an accident; that’s a deployment.  Particularly since we’re seeing the rise of a modern day, poor man’s Moses emerging to lead the opposition. Did the Egyptians hold an underground election to choose him? Call me a conspiracy theorist but this level of organization requires funding and resources.  Lots.  The kind that comes from state coffers.  And that’s a problem.

It’s a problem and a downfall.  Why?  Because when are countries going to learn that democracy only works when it’s left alone to take root and grow organically.  These manipulations, even those designed to falsely overthrow a corrupt dictator, often yield unwieldy and unpredictable outcomes that come back to bite us on the ass.   A system, even a flawed one…hell, ESPECIALLY a flawed one, cannot be yanked out without effective Plan B leadership.  An intentionally decisive cut is always better, heals faster than a hapless tear.  Just ask the woman who gave birth to Tyra Banks or any other pun’kin-head baby.

My prayers are with the Egyptian people tonight. I hope they find what they are seeking:  democracy, freedom, justice.  And that they get to enjoy it for at least a short period of time before we all get our asses owned by China.

Zai jian!



4 thoughts on “Can You SMELL What Mubarak’s Cooking?

  1. This is where the egyptian army needs to step in and send Mubarak on a flight to Saudi Arabia for “health” reasons and take control of the Gov. until the fall elections.

    This will ease US concerns about a “muslim brotherhood” takeover and security of the Suez Canal.

  2. What a difference a day (or a week or month) makes. It may or may not turn out “democratic,” but what’s happening in the Middle East is, it seems, demotic: of the people, by the people, for the people. The truest statement I’ve seen in all the punditry so far, is that leaders who don’t take care of their people eventually will fall. Every leader deposed or threatened so far has been corrupt: running a country as a fiefdom for the benefit of family, friends and cronies rather than the population. The fact is, such behavior cannot endure because the nation involved is not genuinely stable. In any confrontation between the powers that be and the people beneath, “leaders” would do well to remember there are more of “the people” than “the powers that be.” People are power. “Consent of the governed is the state; there is no state without it.”

  3. Peace Kym, always thought provoking and insightful [with a smile] as always.

    “Real change” always comes from the will of the people. What we are experiencing in the “so called middle east” is “forced regime change.” Western backed dictatorships and/or governments being forced out of power, while the same European and American powers are scrambling to replace them with their new and improved 21 century neo-colonial leaders and/or governments. If the people want areal chance at peace and progress they will have to do it with no western intervention. My hopes are that the people will realize that if they allow that to occur, nothing will change in the life of the masses of the people. They will be forced to replace one group of Western back oppressive elites with a new group of Western backed oppressive elites that will continue to carry on anti-freedom and justice activities until the next uprising.

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