Priebus and His Merry Band Of Idiots

Voting for Obama the first time was the equivalent, I imagine, of sleeping with someone on the first date.  In either scenario, you gave up something valuable – your vote or your cookies – without really knowing much about the other party.  Maybe you got caught up in the moment, or maybe you’re just generous with your cookies.  I don’t know.  But what I do know is that a choice like this is always a gamble. Whatever your goal may be, sometimes the risk pays off but sometimes you just get screwed.

Let’s be clear.  I got the hots for Obama.  If he was single or his wife didn’t pack two guns, he could totally get it.  He’s kinda like the man that I’ve built in my dreams – a funny uber-intelligent super geek with a nerdy yet cocky swagger…who spends his spare time inventing algorithms that mimic human intelligence while quoting Tupac to a dope beat…who tells jokes that are above my head and snort-laughs until soda comes out of his nose…who has the perfect amount of mock self-deprecation to cover up his huge ego and charming arrogance.  *sigh* How am I not married by now?

So, I had mixed emotions when Obama announced his re-election campaign.  No surprise here, folks. This is what sitting Presidents do.  Despite what his critics say, it’s got nothing to do with disordered priorities or lack of focus…it’s just the nature of the beast.  Quite frankly, it would be weird if dude was like, “Nah, I’m good.  I’ma pass.”  Neither is it too far in advance.  583 days may look like some serious, way in advance planning but those who are complaining about the timing of his announcement have clearly not learned anything from observing this man at work over the last two years.  You cannot underestimate his ability to move the American people.  The timeframe should be a warning shot that this man has got big thangs poppin’.  He ain’t afraid of you muthaf…well, you get the point.

That said, I’m still a Republican and as much as I love the man, I can’t stand the man’s policies.  This is where the getting screwed part comes in.  I’m tired of the excuse that he inherited a mess because he’s made as many messes as he inherited at this point.  Bush was a monkey.  Got it.  Got over it, too.  But we can’t fix it by spending more money on it.  (On a side note, I sure hope that the next time I lay bleeding to death in an alley, I’m not found by a Democrat because clearly y’all have not yet learned that you cannot stop a gushing wound with a band-aid. But I digress.) It’s high time to look forward in a fix-it state of mind and the rampant spending is not going to get us there.  All it does is give voice to a bunch of radical fundamentalists who are attempting to take this country hostage with it’s terroristic rhetoric. Cup of Tea, anyone?

So listen to me, GOP…I’m looking you dead in yo’ face and lettin’ you know – absent a better candidate, I will be voting for Barak Hussein Obama again in 2012. I did it in 2008 cuz I wanted to peep some change on the docket, now I want a better option cuz I wanna KEEP some change in my pocket.  (I miss Jesse, y’all) So, you got only 583 days to rustle up a better option.  Not such a long time after all, no?  While, you runnin’ around worried about somebody’s damn birth certificate – and by the way, seriously?  Do you expect me to believe that this man runs the most important country on earth…wait, that would be China…ok, so the most important country in North America…well, no THAT would be Mexico (drug cartels alone can’t be that powerful without states – but that’s another post)…hmmmm, the most important country north of Mexico (sorry, Canada!) without a background check while the rest of us can’t get a job at the post office without pissing in some plastic?  Look, this man is talking about raising a billion dollars.  Stop bitching and get your priorities straight.  Obama is the candidate to beat, not the candidate to bitch.  Everybody knows you can’t a bitch a black man with a billion dollars in his pocket!

So, let’s clear the arena of all the rodeo clowns, identify the bucking steer and let the games begin.  Let’s look at the Republican candidates, shall we?

  • Sarah Palin? The missing link?  Alive and well in Alaska. Pass.
  • Newt Gingrich?  I’m not voting for a man named after a toxic, slimy reptile.  (ok, they’re really amphibians but I took a little license here) His mama knew what she was doing.  That’s not a name, it’s a warning.
  • Donald Trump? If you can’t manage your hair, then you can’t manage the country.  I said the same to John Kerry about his wife’s mouth.  Leadership starts in our homes and personal lives.
  • Mike Huckabee?  I don’t believe any candidate with Tourette’s Syndrome has ever won the Presidency.  Shaddap!!
  • Ron Paul?  He just LOOKS like he got some slaves all tricked and trapped up in his basement.  Uhhh….Mr. Paul?  We’se free now!

That leaves us with Mitt Romney…and didn’t he get in fight with a hip hop artist on a plane?  Then again, that might be just what we need.  Perhaps he and Obama can just shove this one out.  Winner takes all!



24 thoughts on “Priebus and His Merry Band Of Idiots

  1. Being of an independent state of mind, I find that the old AND new messes created have come from plain old arrogance and bull-headed stubborness…..BY BOTH PARTIES. I see no racial over (or under) tones, since almost all of both houses of congress are old white men, in saying I have never seen so much cowtowing and Steppinfetchin rhetoric and tactics as there is today in congress. I appreciate standing on actual, REAL principle but to hold up every single piece of legislation because Obama is a democrat, in my opinion, is un-American. It still cracks me up that alot of republican hold Reagan up as some saint yet if he was alive and running today, he would be too far to the left (btw- St. Reagan……raised taxes….just sayin) I think the only way to get anything accomplished is to vote ALL of congress out and vote Independent – ya know….he ones that DON’T have millions of dollars? the ones that DIDN’T sell their souls to the highest bidders? We the Independents can appeciate some democratic AND some republican ideas and ideals and can also work on coming up with solutions that most can settle for…….and you wouldn’t have talks of government shutdowns either where soldiers, seniors, disabled and yes the unemployed are in danger of not receiving there paychecks and/or benefits……but congress likes to threaten because they dont care, they’re still going to get their free meals from the oil and pharmacutical companies… long as all the food is served on toothpicks (which should then be taken and shoved into all of their eyes…those punka$$(^^$#&*$(*&$%&*…you get the point) (((SIGH)))…ok- rant over…I feel better now :~)

    • Schnitzel, the very fact that both houses are almost all old white men is a racial overtone in and off itself. But I see your point about both parties making messes. Unfortunately, we live in a two party state. I’m starting to see the benefit to Congress and the White House being controlled by separate parties because in the fighting is a good compromise. At this point, I mistrust both parties so badly that I wouldn’t want either one to control both the Executive and Legislative branches. As far as the independents, there’s just not enough policy, leadership or muscle (translation: money) to map out a way forward. This is the problem that Tea Party is having. For right now in American politics, it looks like you gotta be in it to win it. I agree that we could use more middle of the road thinking but that shit always has a steep price tag and we broke, baby!

  2. 1) About *$&%$# time you served up a fresh batch of “collard greens” (I’ve heard about the smells of kimchi, and any dish that makes rotten garbage or one of my ex gf’s smell good {um, yeah, that’s a good story for another day})

    2) in all seriousness, I agree. The GOP is weak, and the influx of the tea-baggers does not help them (last time I checked, our political system was set up to negotiate, not a winner take all/screw the loosers as the teabaggers want to implement). Mitt Romney I COULD vote for, but the tea-baggers and the sarah falin’s are hell bent to make sure no moderate GOP person obtains a position of power in the party.

    3) You’re wrong about Trump. He’s not serious about his campaign, to him it’s “free advertising”. Smart politicians trash his/her opponents record in office and offer solutions. Trump’s play on Obama NOT being an american, yeah, he’ll probably get about 2million votes, if that.

    4) As for newt gingrich, I will NEVER trust a man who serves his cancer-stricken wife divorce papers while in the hospital so he can get marry his mistress. While I now agree with Newt that one should get a “license” to be a parent, he’s a gutless coward when it comes to women.

      • Understandable, but as for my ex, yeah….let’s just say she had to use natural soap :-/ (but she was nice).

        Now back to Mitt, I could vote for him, but the GOP has been hijacked by extreme right-wing nutjobs. So unless he can win over enough moderates to stage a “coup” and help moderates re-take the party, the only way he’ll see the white house is during one of the many visitor tours.

        If only McCain had stood his ground and selected Lieberman as VP, the GOP would not be soooo out of wack/touch with america.

  3. Hmmm,
    A funny uber-intelligent super geek with a nerdy yet cocky swagger…who spends his spare time inventing algorithms that mimic human intelligence while quoting Tupac to a dope beat…who tells jokes that are above my head and snort-laughs until soda comes out of his nose…who has the perfect amount of mock self-deprecation to cover up his huge ego and charming arrogance.

    Does this make me too arrogant to say this sounds like moi?

    (Waving arms wildly) Over here! Over here!

    Okay, okay…Here’s my beef (Not with your blindness, but with this whole spending issue) WHY are the cuts in the portions of the budget that represent the smallest percentage? Why is Defense off the table? Do we REALLY need to spend so much on bases around the globe where war has ended 50 years ago? Do we really need to spend billions on concept aircraft? Must we really be in two wars that better results could come from Special Opps missions?

    Must we really debate the morsels of pennies that go to Planned Parenthood that help poor women with cancer screenings and birth control?

    Must we really fight over tax breaks for a population that will feel it less than a population who will feel it most?

    Still waving my hands! Over here!

    • What makes you perfectly arrogant is that you said it in French. Everything is arrogant when you say it in French!

      I’m so traumatized by the what our government has devolved into…or I don’t know, maybe it’s always been like that and I’ve been too bright-eyed and bushy tailed to notice.

      Here’s my problem with the political debate in Washington…it’s the constant bending of the truth and twisting of words. Republicans, however stupid we are for quibbling over morsels of pennies at this time — and I agree, it is pennies– are not trying to keep women from cancer screenings. To say so is a tactic and distracts folks from the matter at hand. Republicans are against elective abortion and it is illegal for public funds to be used for elective abortions. It is not unreasonable to assert that it would be impossible for PP to avoid commingling those funds and that tax dollars are in fact being used to fund elective abortions. Not all abortions are at issue, just the elective ones. If a woman has been raped or her health is in danger, then certainly the abortion is medically necessary and a matter of health. I think I blogged about this a year ago. I’ll try to pull up a link.

      We teach kids all the time that sex is a huge responsibility that could have some dire consequences. If you are NOT prepared to fund your own consequences, then you shouldn’t be having unprotected sex. Now, I have to pay for something which I don’t believe is right. Imagine if the NRA used public funds to remove bullets from people who have been accidentally shot at an NRA gun range. Dems would be UP IN ARMS…no pun intended. It sounds ridiculous, but in theory, it is not dissimilar.

      Ain’t nobody tryna deprive low income families of cancer screenings but I’m not tryna finance their humping either. Now…if we want to create programs to make high quality produce and healthy foods available to low income women and children…I’ll pay for that all day. Twice. No problem. It’s a matter of priorities and beliefs.

      Now, I’ve done exactly what I’ve accused the politicians of doing. Distracted from the matter at hand…clearly Dems are not saying I should pay for someone else’s abortion. Oh wait…yes they are.

      That said, I tow the party line when it comes to these budget cuts but seriously, do we have to have this argument NOW? Is it worth shutting down the government? No, absolutely not.

  4. I LOVE PLANNED PARENTHOOD and NPR!!! We NEED more WOMEN, MEN, and CHILDREN to be ENLIGHTENED and to be Provided a SAFE Space to receive both EDUCATION and MEDICALLY NECESSARY HEALTH SERVICES-INCLUDING ELECTIVE ABORTIONS, which SHOULD be FUNDED BY THE GOVERNMENT, Just like Cancer Screenings and hysterectomies, and TESTICULAR and PROSTATE procedures are Covered by GOVERNMENT FUNDED Programs!!! Now obviously i don’t think anyone has the right to just go “Aborting” Peoples’ lives and Dreams of those People who have ALREADY been Born out of their biological or surrogate mother’s womb; but Come On PEOPLE!! WAKE UP!!! SOME CRAZY ASS MFS DON’T WANT US to get CANCER SCREENINGS, and DO WANT US to be BROKE, BAREFOOT and PREGNANT, and ON the BRINK of POVERTY, HOMELESSNESS, and DEATH!!!!

  5. I would be interested in knowing which of the president’s you disagree with, is it the one where your taxes are lower than win W was president? Or the one where he bails out an entire industry saving the jobs of millions and gets most of the money back?

    • BH, I’m not one to kick the man down on his accomplishments. But, for the record, I was a small business owner during that time so there was no tax cut for me. In fact, since the cost of money is higher to reflect banks newfound but way-too-late conservatism, one might say that I’m less well off during Obama than during Bush. But I don’t fault Obama for that, I fault Clinton because I suspect all this funny money stuff started during her administration. Oops, I mean *his* administration. In fact, incentives built for workers AND those built for larger corporations missed me altogether. As far as saving the jobs of millions…I don’t know that we can factually attribute that to him but I’ve accepted other statements with less evidence so i’ll reserve comment for now. Where he and I part ways (and its hard cuz I love him) is healthcare, Libya and spending money to save money economics. Now, unlike the others, I’m not ready to blame unemployment and the failure of the stimulus packages on him but I do believe he shares in the responsibility for these failures with W.

      • I guess we’ll have to disagree. Libya I think he got right: A madman of OUR making decides to use military force to put down a peaceful protest. Couple that withe fact that Libya supplies about 10% of the worlds oil and the fact that Gas is about $4/gal. There you go its a nobrainer. We’ve blown stuff up for less.

        Healthcare: Cost have been going up for more than a decade. And the Republicans have only proposed 2 things: Do nothing and tort reform. Nothing to get more people insured so that those who have insurance don’t have to pay for those who don’t. Nothing that will lower the cost of basic healthcare except the afore mentioned tort reform, which I am sure does not explain why health care cost are rising MUCH faster than inflation.

      • I agree, BH. We disagree 🙂

        At the highest level, I can find ways to agree with what you’re saying. But the devil, and apparently, the dissension is in the detail. The problem with politics is that it plays out in the what-if rather than the what-is.

        I gave a lot of my opinion. But here are some facts. I truly love Obama on a human level. I am very proud of him and what he’s accomplished in his life. As a black American, I will always say he was just what the doctor ordered in 2008. I find him honorable and even valuable. Obviously, I have hope that he will get better since I will cast my vote for him again…absent a better choice. If only he were running to be my play cousin rather than President…we’d be all set.

  6. So you’re saying your just another lemming voting in a popularity contest and not based on your principles. I guess that makes since. That’s what you did the last election.

    How can one LOVE Planned Parenthood given it’s track record, especially in minority communities. Has our society sunk so low that the only viable option to avoid unwanted pregnancy is killing the fetus? I’m not one to get too political when it comes to Abortion preferring to focus on hoping folks make the personal decision without Government intrusion, but it’s sure as hell isn’t something worth celebrating by ardently supporting Planned Parenthood.

    And by “bailing out a whole industry”, are we still talking about W and the Financial industry or did Obama spend billions bailing out some industry that has paid most of the money back and I just missed it, because that sure can’t be the auto industry to which was presumably referred.

    The Tea Party movement and its participating local and regional organizations at least believes in what they say. Sure, you get some fringe idiots — ever watch MSNBC? — always unduly highlighted by the media if in public and none of them should ever stray from their original core guiding principles, but their pressure on candidates is about the only thing that might actually save this country from Romanesque ruin. Of course, then the Democrats might never get that insurmountable % of voters who are indebted themselves to our bankrupt, dysfunctional entitlement system.

    If policy or the obvious risk of our financial situation weren’t enough, I don’t see how you can vote for Obama based purely on his — his words reapplied — “failure of leadership”. He’s flip flopped repeatedly on supposed core principles — thank you Goldman Sachs — (we can only hope he’ll flip on the right ones soon since we don’t really have a choice.) He’s played politics at nearly every turn instead of exhibiting principles-based leadership (like this budget that he could have easily passed before the Dems lost the House, but didn’t because he knows the People would vomit and he doesn’t really care what they think.) He spent the first 18 months of an economic crisis deviously ramming systemically flawed Healthcare destruction through with no managed economic plan other than throwing nearly $1,000,000,000,000 — borrowed from the folks that CAN take over all of our jobs — at the problem indiscriminately (although the Unions knew where to stand to catch the raining dollars .. still.)

    Despite all the thespian charisma, he has lived up to his qualifications for the job.

    The sad thing is Kym is mostly right … the GOP better come up with someone obviously better quick and especially know how to market them to a disheartened and pessimistic citizenry, especially since we ain’t gonna get the true principled, experienced, effective Independent leader we really need.

    Trump 2012! Anyone that can stay friends with his ex-wife who he probably cheated on can get any deal done.

    • I’m going to assume you’re calling me a lemming because of my soft fur and short tail. Because my Obama vote in 2008 was the result of well-thought decision on my part and a poorly thought out decision on John McCain’s part. I will always vote away from any person who puts Sarah Palin on the ticket as their running mate because clearly THAT guy doesn’t really feel like winning.

      Now, on to the Tea Party. If we’re to give them credit for believing in what they say, then we need we need to give Obama the same regard in 2008. That wide-eyed belief comes from inexperience and if there’s one thing I’ve learned…now is not the time for a Congressional or for that matter, Presidential intern. The truth is that Tea Party’s demands are not realistic and bordering on fanatical. You cannot just cut spending on gov’t programs all willy nilly. You think the economy is unpredictable now? Try screwing with the country’s largest employer and see if that brings the stability you need. Also, women and children depend on these programs and it’s a human rights violation to just cut those programs out with an exit strategy. Clearly, we as a country don’t do exit strategy’s well. Plus, they’re a bunch of assholes. That said, net net — I believe they’ve had a nonnegative (just not ready to say positive) effect on our gov’t. Kinda like a watchdog, or rather a watchpuppy with no teeth.

      At the end of the day, if the Republicans don’t find a better candidate, I, as a conscientious voter, will be voting for the best candidate — and that’s Obama. He, at least, is smart. We’ve had worse. It’s just too bad that administrations are not campaigns. He runs those beautifully. There’s a school of thought that Obama’s second term could be better than his first as he gains experience and also as his policies have had the opportunity to mature. The make a good case for it, too. But is better than the first term good enough? The jury is still out on that.

  7. You are the Asian Junot Diaz. Sorry you’re Republican though. Time to expire those Bush tax breaks if we are going to criticize the spending which Bush quintupled (sp?)

  8. There is a common saying in Sales circles when concerns arise around meeting lofty customer expectations you shouldn’t have set .. “Don’t confuse sales with delivery.” That’s what we did. Promising everyone the world for free is a lot easier than actually delivering.

    Are the concepts of Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government (as was intended) and Free Market economics really unrealistic or even close to fanatical. The fact that the Federal Government is such a large employer in the first place is the clearest sign of the problem. Now I’m not fanatical about the Government having zero role other than Defense etc. The Government can have a role in investing for our future (if done effectively), for example, in research. But this Pig has far exceeded both its charter and its ability. And, while you can’t just cut the Government by 50% over night, you certainly can put in place a phased approach of at least 5% (preferably 8% ) a year over 5 years or spread it further. Instead, Obama and friends are fighting tooth and nail against even getting back to pre-Obama 2008 budget levels. Ridiculous. This will never be solved if we aren’t serious about it. All we need to is research what happened to true empires in the past to know our future and why it will happen. We should all … Democrat, Republican, Independent and even the apathetics .. be against that.

    We can have an effective social safety net with a Government half this size. I’d argue if we put real pressure (ala the Tea Party movement) on both parties, we’d cut our spending, get better results, and still have enough to actually improve the safety net. But when the Government is wasting half the money it gets, we all get hurt. Just because a well intentioned social program exists doesn’t mean its beneficial. The only way to force the government — or any organization — to be more effective, efficient and nimble, is to cut back its funding and force it back to core competencies/responsibilities driven by effective leadership. We see it all the time in corporate America (where we also see the impact of the opposite).

    The interesting thing is, except for several areas where he’s flip flopped, Obama has done exactly what we knew he would really do. And you voted for it because you got caught up in the cult of personality drama the media focused on. You know I’m no fan of Palin, but is she really that much more of a “back up plan” risk than Biden? Please. Just because he’s old and white, doesn’t mean he’d be any better. Policy wise, Obama was simply the wrong choice even if I do still think it was a great historical moment.

    Herman Cain 2012!

    • Ok, so when you say “we” you must be talking to the mouse in your pocket because I didn’t confuse anything. Don’t let my disappointment with Obama today be interpreted as some kind of confession that I was wooed by a persuasive Svengali. That’s not the case at all. I made a well thought out decision based on a number of key assumptions that unfortunately could not be validated. Unvalidated assumptions equal risk, sure, but calculated risk. I don’t regret voting for Obama. i still believe in a lot of ways he was what this country needed. and while I don’t believe his policies are working today, there’s no way to say that John McCain’s would be working better particularly with the Alaskan porch monkey as a running mate. Again, the problem with politics is that it the best thinking always involves “what-if” scenarios rather than “what-is” realities.

      Having cleared the air, you make valid arguments. Problem is every ideal solution works in a vacuum, the challenge is right sizing it against the very real social constraints we have built over the last 100 or so years in this country. I’d caution the GOP, the independents and the fanatical Tea Party movement against trivializing or oversimplifying those constraints. Right, wrong or indifferent – the American people will not, I repeat, will not tolerate it. At the end of the day, this is still a democracy…well, kinda…or something like that.

      On a final note, as far as something not being better because it’s old and white…you ain’t said nothin’ but a word. The only folk who think that’s the case are, um, old and white. And sometimes young and white. And sometimes black. Oh, yeah…Asians tend to think so, too. Ok, ok…and Sammy Sosa but technically, he’s now white, too.

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