My Adventures In The Land Of Geek-Speak

So, I’m sitting in a 3 day training class on enterprise application architecture. In other words, I’m surrounded by techies. One guy had a strange but cool-looking box approximately the size of an iPhone strapped to his laptop.

The following conversation ensued,

Geek #1: What’s that? [pointing at the box]

Geek #2: It’s extra storage to back up my megafiles.

Geek#3: You gotta get in the cloud, man. [I imagine some obscure language spoken by Nerdish refugees]

Geek#1: How much does it hold?

As Geek #2 was about to answer, Geek #3 very cleverly (I assume) interjects – “20 MB!”

The response is instantly followed by the most ungodly chorus of every socially unacceptable noise one can possibly make with one’s mouth. And although I was too dumb to be amused, I was, on the other hand, immediately turned on.

Geeks rock!


5 thoughts on “My Adventures In The Land Of Geek-Speak

  1. 😉 is semi-colon, right parenthesis. My geek credentials are now indubitable. Caffeine is the top food group for geeks. But tea is nice on Sundays. LOL. And … Happy Easter to all!

    PS I will not complain about these long pauses between posts, but … I do miss the fireworks. Ever since you acknowledged that POTUS is a married man, it seems that your production has gone down. (I know, I know … no connection.) LOL.

  2. BTW, the geeks were guffawing because 20 MB is tantamount to zero in the computing world. A device with only that much is a wimp. (I suspect you’re faking the innocence, though … :D)

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