Too Bad We Can’t Get Paid For DejaVu Cuz We Got Plenty Of That

Unemployment.  It was on my mind.  And we’ve already established that what’s on my mind is coming out of my mouth or out of my Mac.

So, it woke me up in the middle of the night and I got out of bed hoping to take advantage of the inspiration.  I started to write a post on the President’s newest jobs plan but I kept getting the sense that I’d been here before.  Not here as in Seoul but here as in complaining about unemployment in America.  Since I’ve always been lazier than I am innovative, I stopped mid-penstroke and looked up a post that I’d tapped out on the same topic just over a year ago.

Lo and behold, nothing sells my views on the topic more poignantly than the fact that the old shit from last year is still relevant.  Simply replace GOP’s Pledge to America with Obama’s Jobs Plan.  Now, you know Washington is filled with some self-serving cuckoo birds when Republicans and Democrats become interchangeable.  (Current politics make it so easy to be a snarky bee-tah-tah.)  Same sh*t, different year.  It’s all just business as usual.

I was gonna go ahead and say something about Obama’s newest jobs plan but you know what?  Might as well keep all current references out cuz I’m sure I’ll need to use this same post next year, too.


Here’s the link…(click here)


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