The End of The Reign Of Herman Cain…

When the allegations first came up about Herman Cain and his randy past, I thought he was going to be able to brush it off.  Remember, Clarence Thomas.  If he got away with pubies on soda cans, then Herman Cain can get away with a likkle slap and tickle, right?

So I defended him.  At that point in time Herman Cain was as viable as any other candidate and deserved to be heard.  I took it to the mat for him.  Even as he was mixing up his facts, getting muddled in semantics and not recalling specific details of important events, say for instance, cash settlements, I still defended him.  He was, after all, everyman’s candidate, eschewing politics as usual and speaking plain English.

But the evidence seemed to suggest that when it came to the fairer sex, Herman Cain went from making it plain to making it rain.

Yet he admitted nothing and the strategy appeared to be working for him.  GOP pundits and campaign analysts seemed to think he could rise above it.  His standing in polls continued to be a source of wonder for much of America.  Folks were looking the other way and turning the other cheek.  For all intents and purposes, he was the golden boy of the primaries and it didn’t seem that anything was going to interrupt his flow.  And so it seemed, America was all for sexual harassment…


Lawd JESUS…the story broke.  One of the accusers was a white woman!  Back up the truck!  Didn’t nobody say nothing ‘bout no white woman!  That changes everything! I betcha all the wheels are coming off this bus in very short order…just watch.

You know, even as Cain was rising to the top of the dogpile, I was wondering how they were going to knock his black ass off.  The GOP needed a black guy, after all the Dems won with theirs.  But they didn’t expect Cain to get as far as he did.   It really started to look like Cain could actually meet Obama in the race.  (pun fully intended)  This means no matter who won, we’d have either a black President or…ANOTHER black President.  Pump yo’ brakes!  Listen, America might be willing to tolerate the first black President they chose, I doubt they’d be so magnanimous if a black President was forced upon them.

What better way to topple Herman Cain than to use the black man’s kryptonite?

So, what about this latest broad?  She is serious.  What she is accusing Herman Cain of is more than harassment, it’s sexual assault.  That’s a fight.  If someone gropes my lady parts and pushes my head toward his thinking parts, that’s not “harass”…as far as I’m concerned, that’s gon’ be HIS ass (or any body part I can break off)  [On a side note:  Can I ask why this chick didn’t wear his ass out in the back of that car ala Ike and Tina?  Or better yet…why she didn’t go to the authorities?  Ladies…we gotta stop giving away our power.  Every time we let a man get away with this shit, we perpetuate our role as victims.]

That is if he did what he’s accused of doing.  Their stories don’t match so one thing is clear.  Somebody’s ass is lying.  But I will tell you this, when it comes to a black man in America being accused of groping a white woman, there’s no such as due process.   Don’t believe me?  The candidates who were taking the high road now are calling the accusations “disturbing.”  What the hell are you disturbed about?  That man hasn’t been found guilty of anything.  In fact, he’s denying his involvement!  That certainly means he’s telling the truth, right?  He did NOT have sexual relations with that woman, Sharon Bialek….ahem.  Excuse me.

Yet another political trajectory disrupted by the most powerful substance on earth.

So anyway, let’s all say goodbye to Herman Cain and hello to another four years of Obama.  I still say it’s Obama race to lose.  All he has to do is not screw up anything else…and hire some chubby, skanky broad with lots of hair to distract old slick-talking Bill Clinton.  Where do I apply?


6 thoughts on “The End of The Reign Of Herman Cain…

  1. How funny! I agree about the not giving up our power part. But, the majority of cases like that aren’t reported. 😦 Any one woman could be lying and it’s important to remember that also, as you said. Any one sexual harassment suit can be frivolous. Three or four independent settlements is awfully questionable! 🙂 I wish that we were having a Hillary and Palin race!

  2. Hillary vs Sarah … brrrrrr

    Cain is history. Two reasons:
    1) The “999” flat tax plan — Cain’s only differentiating proposal — is hogwash and the swing voters know it. Not that it’s such a bad idea, but because the legislation can’t pass Congress. (His idea does shape the general debate on taxation, but it is not a sufficient hook to snare 50.1% of the electoral vote.)

    2) The public is soooo burned out on sex scandals, nobody wants to spend the energy figuring out what’s true. Even a shadow of a hint of a maybe scandal is not worth the time to sort out. His numbers will fade … who was that masked man? … NEXT!!!

    • I think you nailed it, GTChristie…we are burned out. These broads came out and we totally ignored them. Sex scandals are SO “last year” we’re looking for the something new and fresh. The current slate of GOP candidates are boring us to DEATH!! Instead of debates, we should put them all in one house until the primaries and let the cameras roll! We could call it The GOP Candi-dashians!

  3. Well, now it’s official. Cain has stopped the train. It’s a tragedy in some ways. Flawed as it was, Cain’s 999 plan elevated the debate about government priorities. Despite his outsider’s unfamiliarity with broad swaths of knowledge a US President needs (where is the Middle East, what percentage of the federal budget is defense, what are the duties of the president in amending the Constitution — nitpicky stuff like that), Cain himself was conservative-ideologically clear and admirably direct and plain-spoken, which earned him great respect and will continue to do so. So the loss of such a candidate so early in the national discussion, regardless of his eventual viability in November 2012, is unfortunate. It would be interesting to see him continue a Jiminy Cricket role in the Republican primaries, more or less sniping from the sidelines, swaying public opinion towards certain candidates or away from others, without actually running for office. Which is similar to the role Ron Paul has played for years: inside-out sider. The remaining candidates of all parties can learn a lot from Cain’s example. Be clear. Be focused. Be conservative. Emphasize the practical. And for gosh sakes, if you have a zipper control problem or might be accused of it, either disclose it early and apologize in advance, or else don’t run.

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