The Blind Driving The Blinded

Listen, I enjoy a good white man as much as the next American but there is something about Ron Paul that I just can’t take seriously.

It’s not that he’s a racist asshole.  At this point, I really don’t care.  He could have a gang of black folk and illegal immigrants in his backyard picking cotton, selling tube socks and starching his damn shirts for all I care.  If he had the solution, or even a solution, to restore American to greatness, I say call his ass Massah.  Perhaps the reality is some of the comments that he made may have a grain of truth encased in his legalized heroine-induced hallucinations.  For instance, he said that 95% of the black men in Washington D.C. are criminals.  Unless Congress is in session…then the statistic flips from black men to white men.  See?  Grain of truth…

Neither is the problem that he’s homophobic.  The man is old, people.  His breath is dusty and he’s only got about 25 minutes left to live.  When folks are that old, it’s hard to change their minds about anything.  Back when he was growing up the gays kept their asses in the closet like good little sexually repressed Puritans should.  In fact, we can probably thank all of that pent up sexual frustration for some of our greatest American monuments – the slaughter and ultimate cultural decimation of our indigenous people, our unique brand of misogyny that reduces all of womankind to her bulbous parts and naughty bits and, my personal favorite, good ole’ slavery.  But I digress…now that homosexuality is firmly planted and ever growing in mainstream American culture, Ron Paul is just confused, poor thing! He just doesn’t know how to interact with gay folks.  He doesn’t know what the hell to say or do…or even if gay could be contagious.  The irony is he could totally be good for the gay marriage movement.  Wouldn’t he want government to stay out of folks’ marriages?  Wanna get married?   Then, get married!  Shit, why shouldn’t gay people suffer right along with the rest of us?

It’s not even that his best endorsement is Kelly Clarkson.  Effin’ Kelly Clarkson.  You remember her?  The little chubby chick from Ft Worth TX who won American Idol?  In fact his lack of back up just makes me feel a bit sorry for him.  No one is taking this man’s Presidential bid seriously.   But let’s not underestimate his potential for power and influence by other means and platforms.  FDR (thanks for the correction, decollins1969!) said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.  I disagree.  In America, we fear the absence of fear even more. We fear people who are not afraid.  And Ron Paul, for all his past transgressions and deceptively simple ideology, has been consistently unafraid in his branding.  This mofo ain’t scared of yo’ ass! His courage, reckless though it may be, is a leadership quality.  He truly believes that American people can be self-sufficient and don’t need the government to provide for us or control us in any way at all.  It’s every man for himself, survival of the fittest.  It’s revolutionary thinking – yet another leadership quality.  All he needs is a big enough group of idiots to gain some momentum and get some power going — and he will lead us right to the end of the world.  (Hmmm, another shout out to the Mayans, I guess…)  Gaining that kind of support is the true driver behind all of his incendiary statements about blacks and gays.  Although, unafraid himself, he’s pulling the strings of marginalized groups in American who truly are afraid.  All of the anti-government radicals in Montana love him!  Think about it, people…if each village in America simply donated their idiot to Ron Paul, he could be President!  Clearly Fort Worth has donated theirs…who’s next?

In spite of all that, the thing that really ticks me off about Ron Paul is that he looks exactly like Mr. Magoo…but with hair. (Go ahead, google it…I’ll wait)  And I don’t know about you…but I don’t mind a blind, bumbling old fool…until he insists on getting in the drivers’ seat.

Then, he becomes a danger to us all.


8 thoughts on “The Blind Driving The Blinded

  1. How utterly irresponsible it is for you to claim he’s made racist and homophobic statements, without even bothering to learn the basic facts that even his attackers agree upon:

    He didn’t write the articles. The editor of the financial newsletters during that time was a guy named Lew Rockwell. Nobody questions the fact that the newsletter was being published in DC, and that the dubious articles inserted into it started showing up in 1989, the very year that Paul returned to Texas, to his medical practice.

    In fact, they ONLY occur during the period where he was on the other half of the continent. They stop well before he returns in 1996. They are consistent with Rockell’s openly advocated position of the time, which can be summed up as “let’s write things that will attract stupid rednecks to the movement, quantity over quality”.

    This more typifies Paul’s view on race:

    Libertarians are incapable of being racists, because racism is a collectivist idea; you see people as groups. A civil libertarian like myself sees everyone as an individual.“It’s not the color of the skin that’s important” as Martin Luther King said, “it’s the character of the individual“.

    You know what is really interesting, though, and might be behind [the racism claims]. Because I, as a Republican candidate, am getting the most black votes and black supporters, and now that has to be undermined.

    ~ Ron Paul, CNN interview at Myrtle Beach, CA (2008)

    Instead of being a patsy for the hatemongers demonizing Paul, bother learning about him:

    • Thanks for your insight, kazvorpal. This is certainly a place where opposing viewpoints are welcome although I’d hope that histrionics won’t get in the way of intelligent discourse. There’s no demonizing or hatemongering going on here. I’ve taken issue with Obama (whom everyone knows I believe to be the hottest man on earth) and Romney (whom everyone knows is my candidate.) I don’t discriminate, I think all politicians suck. Right now, it’s Ron Paul’s turn at the bat.

      I did indeed read multiple, relatively independent sources to understand everyone’s different version of the truth. My opinion, which I give freely albeit tongue in cheek, is that even if he is not responsible for the statements he is still accountable because his name was on the publications. I was raised to believe that your name is the most valuable asset you will ever own. At worst, he agreed with the statements. At best, he mismanaged his most prized asset, the one he needs most right now.

      That said, I agree and clearly state that I believe those statements were likely strategic rather than genuine in nature. But the chickens have come to roost and even the most sincere mistakes have consequences. Ron Paul is learning that the hard way.

  2. Good article, but one problem. The “nothing to fear but fear itself” quote’s from FDR’s inaugural address in 1933, not from JFK. Based on that, I’m not sure that fearing Ron Paul unabashed conviction in himself and his beliefs should make us fearful. After all, we Americans are drowned in fear by media and politicians practically every day. No, we should be aware that Ron Paul could possibly be an outside force to reckon with in 2012, a puncher’s chance, yes, but one to not completely brush aside like dandruff.

  3. 1) HOOO-EEEE!!!
    2) Not everyone realizes where you’re coming from (usually over the top) but I, for one, am laughing at the sheer brilliance of this totally wicked sendup …
    3) A NYT blogger snarked that Ron Paul disavowing those newsletters is like a celebrity claiming he was misquoted in his autobiography …
    4) Of course a true libertarian cannot condemn homosexuality as an individual private choice. But gay marriage must be another matter, since that would be seeing them in groups. ahem

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