The Year Of Living Dangerously (Working Title: Proof That I Need More Productive Things To Do With My Free Time)

Sitting with a group of friends late last night at a diner in what appeared to have become an intervention, I was told that I might indeed be wound a little too tight.  It took a bit of convincing but ultimately I saw the light.

“When did I become so uptight?” I innocently asked my bestie.

“At birth?” he instantly replied but then gave it more thought and followed with “for crying out loud, you’re a Republican!”

The truth is that I do have a lot of rules that I use to govern my behavior.  (Strangely, few rules or anything else for that matter govern what comes out of my mouth but whatevs…)   Some of these rules are based on gender (“Women shouldn’t do that!”) while others are based on age (“I’m too old for that!”)  Even more are based on self-defined standards for social acceptability that exist only in my mind.

But now that I’m 28-ish, I want to challenge some of my own thinking both on personal and political fronts.  I want to make sure my perspective is well balanced and fair.  I want to prove that the truth loses nothing to investigation.  And dammit, I wanna loosen the hell up!

So, for the next year, I will spend time each weekend doing one thing that pushes my personal boundaries.  Maybe I’ll dance on a table, maybe I’ll go out without a perfectly matched belt-bag-shoe combination.  Or maybe, just maybe, I’ll listen to a liberal talk and try not to vomit.

Who knows?  The possibilities are endless.

So…….what the hell does this have to do with you, you ask?

Clearly, you didn’t think I would embark on such a journey and not bore you to death with every single detail, did you?



p.s. ish=12 years (For those of you who got stuck on that 28)


9 thoughts on “The Year Of Living Dangerously (Working Title: Proof That I Need More Productive Things To Do With My Free Time)

  1. hmmm, interesting post because from what I have seen, you have come a long way from being uptight. I remember a person who used to freak out unexplainable fluids and lipids in her salad. So just for the record…I love you exactly the way you are!! All of those traits have led to some funny and entertaining conversations and outings over the years (long live Miami). Plus somehow, no matter what view or stance you have taken, you ALWAYS seem to make me laugh while explaining it. I actually made a comment yesterday regarding a view which you had challenged and one that I have come to accept. At the end of the day….just be Kym…she is a very cool, stylish, opinionated chica/sista/chingu.

    BTW…the shoe/belt/bag comment was funny…

    • Awww, thanks Ki-Ki…comments like this are why you’re my play cousin!!

      Plus, I’m for any comment that references THAT Miami trip…”Wait…how did she get it down here on the plane?” lol!!!

      We’ve had some good times…but “chingu” though? Who you been talkin’ to?

  2. When are you writing that book? I would be one of the first to buy it. Your postings always make me smile. Keep it up and if you ever venture out into the world unmatched, you MUST take a picture, or we will never believe it.

    • Thanks, Kristina! Kind words, I always appreciate smiles! How’s your book coming along?

      And by the way, I’ve heard rumors that there are pics of me unmatched. Allegedly, there are also pictures of Sasquatch and the chupacabra as well.

  3. Very well written commentary after reading this I realized I may need to lighten up a bit as well. Oh & by the way the 28 thing stopped me in my tracks for a second too…LoL!

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